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Logos & Icons

DealMachine Logo:
DealMachine Icon:

DealMachine Logo:

DealMachine Logo Usage Guidelines:

  • The primary logo is only to be used over white or light-colored backgrounds.
  • The reverse primary (white) logo is to be used over dark backgrounds or photos.
  • The color of these logos is not to be altered.
  • There should be sufficient clear space around the logo.
  • The logo may be resized, but it must retain its original proportion.
  • This logo is not to be used to represent affiliation with DealMachine without consent.
  • The icon should not be displayed directly next to the logo.

When using text to display the company name, care should be taken to ensure proper punctuation is used:
Correct: DealMachine
Incorrect: Deal Machine, Dealmachine, dealmachine

Color Guidelines

Primary Colors:
#31CCE5 - #4EE8C3
#324B50 - #30706E
Gradient 2
Secondary Colors:

Typography Guidelines

Aa Raleway Light - 200
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Aa Raleway Bold - 700
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Aa Open Sans Book - 300
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Aa Open Sans Bold - 700
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DealMachine Voice

  • Written in the first person from our CEO: David Lecko
  • Informative
  • Calm and cool
  • Few exclamations or emojis
  • Sets realistic expectations rather than overhyping empty claims of ROI an Profits
  • Real world over hype. Example: "There's an underground way to get your own list of secret properties FAST." Emily Enterprise's interpretation as a reader: Driving for dollars is well known. That isn't really underground. What I would write instead: "There's a method you probably dismissed because you think it's only for beginners. Only the most PROACTIVE operators are doing it..."
  • Subscribers to the DealMachine are referred to as "members." Alternate ways of addressing members are "DealMachine Family," "fam," or "DealMachine Community."