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Reduce your marketing spend per deal and be the only investor talking to your sellers...see why established real estate investors turn to DealMachine

The most complete driving tool for real estate investors on the market.


Property Ownership Map

See owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties.


Direct Mail Campaigns

Send photo postcards or hand-written ballpoint letters to the property owner instantly. No minimum mail amount required.

Driving Route Tracking

Driving Route Tracking

Prevent driving the same street twice, cover an entire area, earn a mileage-based tax deduction, and keep tabs on your team.


DealFinder Recruitment

Launch a dedicated signup page and driver training portal specific to your business.


Bulk Upload

Import data from a spreadsheet, no template required! You can export your data, too.


Unlimited Owner Lookups

96.5% success rate when looking up owner name and address, plus instant skip trace at your fingers.


Real Estate Lead Management

Easily connect DealMachine to your CRM, or stay organized with in-app statuses, notes and @team mentions.

Simple Wholesaling: To get a deal, we spend typically around $4,000 on marketing. With DealMachine, $2,600.

How It Works

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Discover A Property

Type in an address or take a picture of any house in the USA.

Owner found!
John Smith
Male - 28 years Old
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Find the Owner

Instantly see who owns it, when they bought it, how much equity they have, the owner's mailing address, and more.

Start Mailers Sending Mail Mail Sent

Get In Touch

Press a button to start a direct mail campaign or lookup the owner's phone number and email address and contact them right on the spot.

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Designed for High Volume Real Estate Investing



Tired of being outbid by other investors? Use DealMachine to build a custom list of distressed properties that only you have.


House Flipping

Watching the news in anticipation of a downturn? Limit your risk by taking down the best deals.


Building a Portfolio

Preparing to refinance? Increase your equity position by going direct to distressed sellers.


Equipping your team

Do they forget to text in distressed properties? Give your acquisitions agents a system to capture and dominate high value leads.


Gabe Esparsza, New Western Acquisitions - San Antonio, TX

“I have locked up one deal off the app and have offered on 2-3 other deals. I only have 200 mailers out and consider the conversion ratio to be very strong. The one deal I got will profit me enough to pay for the app for 2 years!”

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