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The best bulk skip tracing data*

Based on  "right party contact" rate and the number of extra data fields oriented towards skip tracing quality transparency.

Industry Standard 30% Right Party Contact Rate

Bulk skip tracing "hit rate" tells you how many search attempts returned data. "Right party contact" tells you how many of those hits connected you with the correct person.

Connected / Disconnected

Real estate bulk skip tracing provides you with all contact data that is available. DealMachine shows you which phone numbers are still connected.

Caller ID

DealMachine verifies the "caller ID" registered to each phone number that is returned from bulk skip tracing. You can quickly see which results to prioritize when the caller ID matches the property owner's name.

Landline / Mobile / Carrier

In order to increase your SMS deliverability, DealMachine's bulk skip tracing determines which numbers can successfully receive text messages.

Batch Skip Tracing Phone Numbers

Key Features of DealMachine Bulk Skip Tracing

DealMachine provides bulk skip tracing on our top-rated Android and iOS mobile app as well as a desktop application.

Lightening Fast 500 Bulk Skip Tracing Results Per Minute

DealMachine will handle your batch skip tracing at a rate of 500 records per minute so you don't have to wait.

Real-Time Progress Progress Bar

No need to wait around for bulk skip tracing. Watch the progress in real-time.

Bulk Upload Your Spreadsheet

You can upload your existing spreadsheet for bulk skip tracing.

One-off Skip Tracing

Instead of bulk skip tracing, you can instantly skip trace one lead at a time on the mobile app or on desktop. Great for skip tracing while driving for dollars.

Email Addresses

See property owner's email addresses when you use bulk skip tracing. We validate each email address deliverability and show you in the app.

Additional Properties

See additional properties that the owner owns when you use bulk skip tracing.

Batch Skip Tracing Email Address
Batch Skip Tracing Addresses
Bulk Skip Tracing Desktop App

DealMachine Family. Have any of you tried the Skip Tracing Feature in Deal Machine? When I tell yall it is the bomb.com, its the truth. I completed a bulk skip tracing and the numbers received were accurate and on point. I will be using DM for my skip tracing needs going forward.

Sheneeta Blu Tunnell, Real Estate Investor - Havertown, PA

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