Uncover Hidden Opportunities By Driving For Dollars.

Explore beyond the beaten path and discover off-market leads that others have overlooked.

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What is driving for dollars?

Driving for dollars is a real estate investment technique where investors drive through neighborhoods, looking for properties that appear to be vacant, distressed, or in need of repair. By focusing on these types of properties, investors can potentially find good deals and maximize their investment returns.

Track drives and save your sanity.

DealMachine automatically logs your location every time you hit the road, so you can easily view your past routes on a map and avoid driving the same route twice.

Shine a light on hidden properties.

Create custom filters to highlight properties on the map that match your criteria. Easily see what your surrounding area has to offer before driving out there.

“What DealMachine allows me to do is driving for dollars. It makes it so much easier.

I once had to do this with pen and paper. Literally. This is back in 2011, and it took me eight months to get a deal.

If I had this app, I could probably close a deal a lot faster than I did when I got started.

But thanks to this app, I can now get things automated, get mailings, get follow-ups, get the information all right there on the app.

What are you waiting for?”

Nasar El Arabi

Stay at home and drive virtually.

You don't have to venture out into the real world to find leads. With virtual driving, you can discover off-market opportunities from the comfort of your couch.

Plan ahead and drive smarter.

Plan your route based on customized criteria and receive step-by-step navigation to every nearby property that matches your search.

There are a bunch of reasons that I target a property.

DealMachine makes it pretty dang easy for me just to drive along, track my route, and click those properties as I'm driving.

Anthony Warren

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