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  • check1 user
  • checkUp to 10,000 leads
  • checkDriving for dollars
  • check10,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkMLS & county comps
  • checkDaily data updates
  • checkMail as low as 64¢
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  • check Everything included in Starter
  • check3 users
  • checkUp to 50,000 leads
  • check20,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkReal estate AI assistant
  • checkRoute planning
  • checkMail sequences
  • checkCustom mail designer
  • checkCurbside view of properties from Google street view on your mail.
  • checkDealMachine Masterclass
  • checkMail as low as 59¢
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  • check Everything included in Pro
  • check15 users
  • checkUp to 500,000 leads
  • check50,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkWorkflows to automate your business (Coming Q4 2023)
  • checkDriver recruitment tools
  • check100,000 exported leads per month
  • checkCustom pipeline and 25 custom fields
  • checkMail as low as 54¢
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  Starter Pro Teams
Team members 1 3 15
Leads with live data updates 10,000 50,000 500,000
List Builder leads per month 10,000 20,000 50,000
Monthly exports 1,000 10,000 100,000
Mail pricing as low as 64¢ as low as 59¢ as low as 54¢
Ballpoint Letter pricing as low as $1.99 as low as $1.75 as low as $1.47
Skip trace pricing 17¢ 14¢ 12¢
Corporate skip trace pricing 34¢ 28¢ 24¢
Custom fields -- 10 25
MLS data check check check
MLS & county comps check check check
Driving for dollars check check check
Virtual driving check check check
Route tracking check check check
List stacking check check check
API access check check check
Courses & tutorials check check check
Map highlights check check check
DealMachine Masterclass -- check check
Route planning -- check check
Custom mail designs -- check check
Street pic -- check check
Mail sequences -- check check
Custom pipeline -- -- check
Driver recruitment -- -- check
Number of drivers -- -- 300


You have questions? We have answers.



What is driving for dollars?

Driving for Dollars is the most effective way to generate a niche list of leads as a real estate investor. Investors and their teams drive throughout their communities both in person and online to find distressed properties. DealMachine's app allows you to immediately tap on a property and add it as a lead for you to cold call or follow-up on later.

What is List Builder?

List Builder lets you build a list of leads based on data about the property, the seller, or other key data points. Data points such as MLS expired listings, foreclosures, USPS vacancies, high-equity, and absentee owner are just a few of the most common examples. DealMachine has 700+ data points, and 70+ filters you can use to generate your own list of properties, anywhere in the country.

What makes DealMachine unique?

DealMachine's mission is to Give Everyone the Power of Real Estate Investing.

The primary challenges most new investors face is simplifying the process of finding good leads, and lowering the learning curve. 

DealMachine solves this in 3 simple, but powerful ways.

  • Simplify generating niche high performing lead lists through nationwide data combined with great tools to target leads.
  • Automate marketing through one-click mail that does repeat marketing for you, while you keep living your life.
  • Combine action and education with the data, tech, and elite support always in your pocket

What is DealMachine Masterclass?

DealMachine Masterclass is a live and interactive class with an REI expert every Wednesday at 3 pm EST. The complete library of past Masterclasses is also available at

Every Masterclass gives you coaching and guidance on sales, negotiations, dispositions, flipping, etc.

It is you and your team's ongoing education to get better at real estate investing.

The Elite Masterclass is built into our Pro and Teams plans or made available to annually paid members who spend over $3,000 annually.


Can I track my routes?

Route Tracking is available to users subscribed to any of our Starter, Pro or Teams plans. 

It works for real routes driven in the field as well as for routes driven virtually.


Can I add team members on my account?

Yes! Your plan comes with a certain number of users by default. 

  • Starter - 1 team member
  • Pro - 3 team members
  • Teams - 15 team members and up to 300 drivers (seriously!)

Additionally, an extra user can be added to any plan for $19/mo.


Can I control my team members abilities?

Yes! Your plan comes with a certain number of users by default. 

  • Starter - 1 team member
  • Pro - 3 team members
  • Teams - 15 team members and up to 300 drivers (seriously!)

Additionally, an extra user can be added to any plan for $19/mo.


What does route planning do?

We know how frustrating it is to have a list of leads and not know the best way to get from point A to B all the way to Z. That's why we added Route Planner to DealMachine.

Route Planner lets you upload or build a list of leads and instantly build the best route to naviagate you - or a team member - to every single property you want to lay eyes on.

This is helpful to investors who door knock or leave door hangers, for visiting properties you've found from lists, and sending drivers to new areas with specific targets in mind.


Where does DealMachine get data from? Is It accurate?

Our property data from First American is as good as it gets. Also, it's updated daily.


How often do you update your data?

Our entire database is updated daily to provide our members with the best information possible and ensure even your existing leads are never out of date. We even update you when your existing properties have new information, making it easier for you to stop wasted marketing spend on sold properties, or focus your time towards leads that need attention urgently. This means more deals, less spend, and better ROI.


Can I import my leads into DealMachine?

Yes! You can import a list of data into DealMachine from any .csv or Excel file by mapping the address of the property into the correct fields. DealMachine will then do the heavy lifting of enriching those leads with up-to-date data from our database.

That includes taking any address you send us, and instantly adding things like owner name, owner type, mailing adress, equity, etc. We add every piece of data we have about a property as soon as you upload an address.


Can I export or pull data out of DealMachine?

Yes! Many members export information from DealMachine in order to move it into a dialer, texting platform, or other tool. All you need to do is select the leads in question, select 'Export' and then a file will be emailed to you. It's that easy! 

Your export limit is based on your plan. 

  • Starter - 1,000 property exports/month
  • Pro - 10,000 property exports/month
  • Teams - 100,000 property exports/month

Custom plans purchased annually can be available for those who need more than 100,000 exports/month. 


Do I need a CRM to go with DealMachine?

We've found many growing real estate investors don't need a CRM to pair with DealMachine. DealMachine tracks your leads from prospecting all the way to close. We help you identify and build your list of leads, find phone numbers, send and track direct mail, as well as track a deal from call to close with lead statuses to track pipeline, tasks, notes, and document upload/management. 


Does DealMachine support Zapier?

All DealMachine members have full access to Zapier and the DealMachine API.


What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is an additional search you can do on a property to find contact information for the property owner. Typically this will include phone numbers, emails and even alternate mailing addresses. You can then use this information to reach out to someone and see if they're interested in selling their property.


What does skip tracing cost?

Each skip trace only charges you for successfully retrieving phone number info. The price you pay is $.12 (on Teams plan) $.14 (on Pro plan) $.17 (on Starter plan)


What are comps?

Comps (comparable real estate properties) are used to determine the after-repair value of your real estate deal. You'll be able to quickly know what a house is worth using the DealMachine comps tool on our mobile apps or desktop app. Even if you haven't run comps before, DealMachine's comp tool teaches you how to value properties easily as you use it. Comps is part of all DealMachine plans.


Why do you need my billing info for a free trial?

DealMachine helps you send mail, skip trace, and send data. We even pay for your first $10 worth of mail and/or skip tracing. If you need to send more, your card on file pays for that. This also means your automated data updated and marketing stay on, even if you forget to return. 


How do I cancel? (refund policy)

Over the next 7 days, make an informed decision if DealMachine meets the hype. If you're unsatisfied then open up your web app in the settings to cancel at any time. We will instantly cancel your account no questions asked. I'm confident that when you sign up today, you'll get exactly what you need to break into real estate investing and marketing to distressed homeowners and finding off-market deals.


How can I contact DealMachine support?

We are available via chat on, of via chat in our mobile apps, or by emailing 9am - 9pm EST 7 days per week. Our average response time is less than 5 minutes and we're happy to help!