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What are comps in real estate?

Real estate comparables, or "comps," are crucial tools in the property market, enabling investors to assess the value of a property by comparing it to similar properties that have recently been sold or are currently on the market. These comps give an accurate snapshot of current market trends, contributing to informed investment decisions by providing a reliable benchmark for property valuation.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Experience the power of comprehensive market analysis at your fingertips by trying our sophisticated MLS Comps tool below. 

*Note: Our full comps tool includes filters and much more. Sign up for a free trial to get our full comps experience.

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Find discounted deals by driving for dollars.

DealMachine is undoubtedly the top app for driving for dollars. This strategy, used by wholesalers nationwide, allows you to uncover leads that are hidden in plain sight.

Send postcards that stand out.

Once you've identified your leads, it's time to contact the property owners. Reach out by sending stunning postcards that leave a lasting impression. DealMachine sends automated follow-ups, preventing potential deals from slipping through the cracks.

“We've been using DealMachine and the postcards to acquire properties that we ultimately flip,

and use the profits to fund the down payment of larger buy-and-hold buildings, and it's been an amazing tool.

I mean, closing on 4 to 5 flips right now, we're averaging 1 to 2 flips a month.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough to any other local investors, or any investors for that matter.”

Michael Doherty

Reach Out with Cold Calls

If postcards aren't for you, give cold calling a try. DealMachine provides the property owner's contact information inside of every lead card. Call them right away and make the deal happen.

Take control of your wholesaling business.

Whether you're an experienced professional, or just starting out, DealMachine gives you everything you need to run your business. With our easy-to-use interface, you can organize leads, manage lists, and simplify marketing tasks.

“Look, obviously DealMachine has a ton of uses, right?

Driving for dollars, hands down, pound-for-pound, is the absolute best way to find real estate investment leads.

There's no better way than to see the property in the moment, know that it's distressed, and get mailers out, get a door hanger out, get everything out as fast as possible.

It's the most direct method.”

Matt Porcaro

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