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Use our List Builder product to locate off-market properties in your area. With 700+ custom data points, the possibilities are endless.

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Explore our List Builder tool and discover in . Feel free to adjust the map, draw on it, and engage with the features to see if it meets your liking.


Generate leads with ease.

Pull leads into a marketing list from our database of over 150 million properties across the United States.

Smart lists do the work for you.

Our database updates daily with data directly from county records. This means that when a lead no longer meets your criteria, your list is automatically updated to reflect those changes. With smart lists, you can save time and focus on what matters most - closing deals.

“So you literally click on a city, put in your criteria, push submit, and it sends you an entire list.

If you wanted to you could basically click one button, and you could have all of these owners. You could have just gotten two could have just gotten 3,000 owners. And they are all going to start getting postcards, right?

So we've just in five minutes, you've just potentially contacted thousands of people that you would have never gotten to before.”

Ryan Deasy

Craft your perfect list, tailored to your exact needs.

Choose from over 70 pre-made filters and 700 data points to fine-tune your list to your exact specifications. Whether you're looking to target a specific neighborhood, property type, or demographic, our customizable filters make it easy to create a highly-targeted list of potential leads.

Leads on-the-go.

DealMachine offers a seamless cross-platform experience, enabling you to access list builder anywhere, anytime.

Try DealMachine in other places around your area.

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