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“We've been using DealMachine and the postcards to acquire properties that we ultimately flip,

and use the profits to fund the down payment of larger buy-and-hold buildings, and it's been an amazing tool.

I mean, closing on 4 to 5 flips right now, we're averaging 1 to 2 flips a month.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough to any other local investors, or any investors for that matter.”

Michael Doherty

"I'm a newbie in REI and DealMachine makes it so easy for me to find properties. Plus, their customer service has been excellent. They have quick response times, friendly customer support, and even followed up on my questions. I'm sticking with DealMachine!"

Colt & Kimber

“DealMachine came up with a really great AI built-in. It's very cool technology!

And I think it will really help, you know, new investors, new wholesalers using DealMachine for all the prompts you've got built-in there.

Estimating value and reaching out to the homeowner and all those things.

I think it's going to be a benefit to everybody using it.”

David Frizzell

“[Free] Skip tracing is such a huge bonus, saving me at least $1,000/mo!”

Breandon Garland

“I was buying stuff off the MLS, and it was kind of crap, to be honest.

I kind of got hooked on DealMachine here as kind of like my main marketing strategy, and sort of never looked back.

By and large, it's been like the biggest factor in our growth.”

Ryan Deasy

"I went to Phoenix last week on Wednesday. I got a call almost every day since then from people responding to the mail we sent out. This stuff is working man. I have 11 properties in my pipeline and I’m going to take photos of 2 of the properties today and tomorrow. I wish I would have started sending mail 2yrs ago."

Jerome Turner

“The data you get in DealMachine, guys, it's freaking crazy, right? From where we started with DealMachine to now, like you almost, they almost got your blood type when you pull up a lead in DealMachine, the data you can see on free and clear. When's the last time they paid a taxes?

How much is their mortgage? What do they owe? What's their payment? It's ridiculous. So you guys really have all the intelligence and data at your fingertips.”

Dedric Polite