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4.8 out of 5 stars in over 5,000 reviews

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Get unlimited contact info, phone numbers, and email addresses when you subscribe to one of our new plans.

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4.8 out of 5 stars in over 5,000 reviews

What happened to skip tracing?

Traditionally, skip tracing in real estate involved finding a property owner's contact details—a time-consuming and costly process.

DealMachine revolutionizes this by offering unlimited access to contact information across the U.S., eliminating the need for conventional skip tracing. This not only streamlines your work but also cuts costs significantly, as you no longer pay per contact.

How much $$$ can you save with DealMachine?

Use our savings calculator below to see just how much you can save!

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10,000 Leads

Your Current Cost: $0

Your Cost with DealMachine: $99

Total Savings with DealMachine: $0

Ready to maximize your savings? Embrace the efficiency of DealMachine and start saving today.

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$99 /mo
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  • check1 user
  • checkUp to 10,000 leads
  • check10,000 leads exported per month
  • checkUnlimited contact info, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • checkDriving for dollars
  • check10,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkMLS & county comps
  • checkDaily data updates
  • checkMail as low as 64¢
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Best Value!
$149 /mo
Built for small teams with big goals.
  • check Everything included in Starter
  • check3 users
  • checkUp to 50,000 leads
  • check30,000 exported leads per month exports
  • check30,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkReal estate AI assistant
  • checkRoute planning
  • checkMail sequences
  • checkCustom mail designer
  • checkCurbside view of properties from Google street view on your mail.
  • checkDealMachine Masterclass
  • checkMail as low as 59¢
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$499 /mo
Built for larger teams. Ready to scale when you are.
  • check Everything included in Pro
  • check15 users
  • checkUp to 500,000 leads
  • check100,000 List Builder leads per month
  • checkWorkflows integrations to automate your business (Coming Soon)
  • checkDriver recruitment tools
  • check 300 drivers
  • check100,000 exported leads per month
  • checkCustom deal pipeline 
  • check25 custom fields
  • checkMail as low as 54¢
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  Starter Pro Teams
Team members 1 3 15
Leads with live data updates 10,000 50,000 500,000
List Builder leads per month 10,000 30,000 100,000
Monthly exports 10,000 30,000 100,000
Mail pricing as low as 64¢ as low as 59¢ as low as 54¢
Ballpoint Letter pricing as low as $1.99 as low as $1.75 as low as $1.47
Skip trace pricing FREE FREE FREE
Corporate skip trace pricing FREE FREE FREE
Custom fields -- 10 25
MLS data check check check
MLS & county comps check check check
Driving for dollars check check check
Virtual driving check check check
Route tracking check check check
List stacking check check check
API access check check check
Courses & tutorials check check check
Map highlights check check check
DealMachine Masterclass -- check check
Route planning -- check check
Custom mail designs -- check check
Street pic -- check check
Mail sequences -- check check
Custom pipeline -- -- check
Driver recruitment -- -- check
Number of drivers -- -- 300


Track drives and save your sanity.

DealMachine automatically logs your location every time you hit the road, so you can easily view your past routes on a map and avoid driving the same route twice.

Stay at home and drive virtually.

You don't have to venture out into the real world to find leads. With virtual driving, you can discover off-market opportunities from the comfort of your couch.

“We've been using DealMachine and the postcards to acquire properties that we ultimately flip,

and use the profits to fund the down payment of larger buy-and-hold buildings, and it's been an amazing tool.

I mean, closing on 4 to 5 flips right now, we're averaging 1 to 2 flips a month.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough to any other local investors, or any investors for that matter.”

Michael Doherty

Generate leads with ease.

Pull leads into a marketing list from our database of over 150 million properties across the United States.

Craft your perfect list, tailored to your exact needs.

Choose from over 70 pre-made filters and 700 data points to fine-tune your list to your exact specifications. Whether you're looking to target a specific neighborhood, property type, or demographic, our customizable filters make it easy to create a highly-targeted list of potential leads.

“Look, obviously DealMachine has a ton of uses, right?

Driving for dollars, hands down, pound-for-pound, is the absolute best way to find real estate investment leads.

There's no better way than to see the property in the moment, know that it's distressed, and get mailers out, get a door hanger out, get everything out as fast as possible.

It's the most direct method.”

Matt Porcaro

A solution for every investor.

Built for Wholesalers

DealMachine streamlines the real estate wholesaling process by allowing users to easily find and analyze off-market properties with its driving for dollars tools.

It helps wholesalers automate their marketing efforts and manage leads effectively, increasing the chances of closing deals faster and expanding their investment portfolios.

Flip properties faster.

DealMachine aids in flipping real estate by providing users with access to valuable off-market property data, helping them identify and secure profitable investment opportunities.

The platform's automation tools simplify marketing and lead management, allowing real estate flippers to efficiently connect with potential sellers and expedite the acquisition process.

Build your rental empire.

DealMachine empowers buy-and-hold real estate investors by offering access to off-market properties and valuable data for informed decision-making.

Its streamlined lead management and marketing automation tools enable investors to efficiently target and secure ideal long-term rental properties, ultimately enhancing their portfolios and cash flow.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our customer support team is your personal assistant, available to assist you wherever you are. Whether you have a question or need help, our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the support you need.


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