Become a Cold-Calling Cyborg with an AI-Powered Dialer

Take your real estate calls to the next level with AI. Get instant transcriptions, AI-assisted scripts, and automated follow-ups with no setup required. 

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Real-Time Insights and Smart Summaries

The dialer live transcribes your calls in real-time, ensuring you never miss a detail. After each call, it automatically summarizes the conversation and flags the call result. Based on the transcription, it automates follow-ups, so you can stay on top of your leads effortlessly.

AI Call Assistant at Your Service

Our built-in AI assistant guides you through your calls. Whether you're unsure of what to say next or need advice, our AI is there to help.

“  Finding these properties and actually use the skip tracing with DealMachine. So you get free skip tracing, which basically means you get the phone numbers for free, included with your subscription. The next evolution of that guys is being able to call those people. The more powerful way is to do this at scale. And what I mean at scale is that they've now unveiled a dialer. You can literally hook up to the, to their dialer and the technology will call these people automatically for you.

It's not just a dialer guys, there's a bunch of dialers out there, but this is the first AI  powered dialer. Everybody knows AI is all the rage. And this is your chance to use AI to actually transform your real estate business so you can close more deals."

Dedric Polite

Clone Yourself with AI Voicemails

Using advanced voice cloning technology, our dialer allows you to leave voicemails that sound just like you. This innovative feature ensures your message is both personal and professional, adding a unique touch to your communication.

Smart Management for Incoming Calls and SMS

Our dialer handles incoming calls and SMS effortlessly. You can see who’s contacting you and revisit previous conversations, ensuring you’re always prepared to engage with your contacts.

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