Effortlessly Find Highly Motivated Sellers

By using powerful software for flipping houses, you can focus your efforts on motivated sellers and increase your ROI. DealMachine’s real estate wholesaling software offers a full software stack that grows with your business needs.

Improve Your Profit Margin with DealMachine's House Flipping Software

Multiply your profit margin without multiplying your workload with house flipping software that delivers all the business solutions you need in one place.


Recruit and Build a Database of DealFinder™ Candidates

Plan for improved profitability by utilizing the DealFinder™ technique to recruit and onboard multiple team members at a time and get them out driving for dollars right away.


Target Quality Leads

Reduce your marketing spend per deal and increase your profits by working with highly targeted leads that yield results.


Prioritize High ROI Marketing

DealMachine’s flipper software provides DealFinders™ with their own app where they submit deals to your account so you can send real estate direct mail automatically or after you approve the property.

How to Scale Your House Flipping Business Better, Not Just Bigger

To increase your profits as you scale, you need comprehensive software for flipping houses with all the features in one place that make it easier for you to build a team and hold them accountable.

Automated Team Member Onboarding to Build Your List of Leads

Generate a talent pipeline with a consistent list of candidates you can onboard automatically, as you need them. Grow your driving for dollars team and add highly targeted leads into your CRM all within the same app.

Simplified Lead Management

Free up your time and never miss a deal again with DealMachine’s automated lead management system that follows up for you. With streamlined systems in place, DealMachine’s flipping houses software simplifies your process.

Effortlessly Manage Team Members

Easily update workflows, delegate and set clear responsibilities, and hold team members accountable with real estate flipping software that keeps your team organized.

Systematized Payments

Always know exactly how much to pay your DealFinders™ with DealMachine’s house flipping software. Track how many deals each DealFinder™ adds and get reminders when to pay out team members once you close on a property.

Deal Analysis

View your real-time ROI with in-app analytics that show you leads added, mailers sent, profit, and total investment. Get deeper insights on every deal with dedicated flipper software.

Brandon isreal

“This was a no brainer feature to buy! I was using other apps to track my driving. With this all in one is a game changer!

Brandon Israel, Israel Investment Properties LLC. - East Windsor, NJ

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