Designed to Help Real Estate Investors Close More Deals

To scale your REI business above $1M, you need the best technology. DealMachine CRM software for real estate offers all the individual real estate tools in one place.


Integrates Seamlessly

Get flexible, customizable workflows that integrate with your REI tools at the click of a button, all without hiring a developer.


Continuous Upgrades

Enjoy continuous, new weekly real estate software improvements without ever having to go through a migration process to get the latest version.

Key Features of DealMachine CRM for Real Estate

DealMachine CRM delivers the customization real estate investors need to start their business or hold large teams accountable in an incredibly easy way. Organize your properties, manage your teams, get deeper insights on every deal, and monitor ROI with ease. See what makes DealMachine the best CRM for real estate.


Customize the lead workflow to your processes and simplify real estate lead management. Published leaderboard puts positive pressure on everyone to perform at their highest potential.

Unlimited Ownership Lookups

Every time you add a lead, we’ll show you property characteristics and accurate mortgage information on that property.

ROI Tracker

Know exactly what your ROI is for every marketing channel. See real-time return rates for driving for dollars and direct mail.

Direct Mail

DealMachine CRM for real estate investors automates real estate direct mail and lets you choose from 10 postcard templates with custom colors, imagery, and language.

Marketing Calendar

See when your automatic direct mail will be sent out each day, in advance, so you can estimate costs.

In-App and Bulk Skip Tracing

Instantly skip trace any owner to view their cell phone number, emails, and additional addresses.

Brandon isreal

“This was a no brainer feature to buy! I was using other apps to track my driving. With this all in one is a game changer!

Brandon Israel, Israel Investment Properties LLC. - East Windsor, NJ

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