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What is the DealMachine Podcast Live?

The DealMachine Podcast Live is a weekly live stream and masterclass available to all DealMachine members.

We've curated the best real estate investing experts across every important area of a fast-growth Elite REI business. You'll learn the skills, processes, and knowledge you need to combine with your own massive actions to achieve your goals. 

The DealMachine Podcast Live Leaders

Brent Daniels

Brent Daniels - Talk to People

Brent is an expert in setting up and scaling REI businesses from scratch, TTP helps investors build cold calling systems. 


Steve Trang

Steve Trang - Real Estate Disruptor

Steve does dozens of deals a month in his business and trains other investors on sales and acquisitions strategies. 

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch -

Trevor has been a real estate investor for years and helps coach and train evergreen inbound marketing with SEO and content.

The Polites

Krystal & Dedric Polite -  Renovational Wealth Academy, Stars of 50/50 Flip on Hulu and A&E

Krystal & Dedric built their wholesale business on DealMachine & now coach others on how to acquire off-market properties at wholesale prices and build wealth using Creative Financing.

Christina Krause

Christina Krause - Postal Impact

Christina is an expert in helping single- and multi-family investors better leverage data to improve marketing through small changes with massive impacts.

Gary & Susan Harper

Gary & Susan Harper - Sharper Process

Gary and Susan help investors build businesses to scale through vision, goal setting, and processes built on the EOS framework.

Uncle Karl

Uncle Karl - Uncle Karl Mastermind

Uncle Karl (Spielvogel) specializes in messy deals that are massive headaches but uses creative strategies that turn lost deals into huge wins.

Zack Boothe-1

Zack Boothe - DFD Mastery

Zack Boothe coaches investors on how to build an REI business through systematic driving for dollars with DealMachine.

Sam Primm

Sam Primm -Faster Freedom

Sam leads his REI Business out of St. Louis and coaches investors on mindset, BRRRR, and how to achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dossey - Call Porter

Ryan runs an $8.8m rental portfolio, Call Porter, and Ball Point Marketing where he helps new investors achieve those same results. 

Jason Medley

Jason Medley - The Collective Genius

Jason runs The Collective Genius, the number one mastermind for real estate investors, and talks about building your network to achieve your goals.

David Frizzell

David Frizzell - The Wholesalers Toolbox

David Frizzell has helped thousands of people achieve success through Wholesaling Educational resources and shows how to leverage partnering to get more deal as a new investor.