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Bulk Uploader Announcement

Bulk Uploader Announcement

DealMachine quietly released the bulk upload feature for Professional and Enterprise accounts a week ago and these members can now upload any list of properties into their DealMachine account.

You told us this was the most important feature on our feature request page, and we listened!

You can access the bulk uploader within settings, directly under the export buttons.

Where is the DealMachine Bulk Uploader

Here are some common lists people are bulk uploading so far:

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  • Lists that don’t meet traditional mail house minimums can be uploaded so that you can send DealMachine postcards or Ballpoint letters to them
  • Driving for dollars lists from before you had DealMachine
  • Tax delinquent lists
  • Code enforcement lists
  • Vacant property lists
  • Properties you’re marketing to elsewhere can be uploaded into DealMachine so you avoid paying drivers for properties you already have

When you upload your list into DealMachine's free real estate CRM, expect the upload to complete at a rate of 10,000 properties per minute. You do not need to have your spreadsheet in any certain format - any spreadsheet will work. We’ll send you an email once your list has uploaded.

Happy DealFinding.

David Lecko

About David Lecko

David Lecko is the CEO of DealMachine. DealMachine helps real estate investors get more deals for less money with software for lead generation, lead filtering and targeting, marketing and outreach, and acquisitions and dispositions. Learn more about DealMachine at www.dealmachine.com.

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