DealMachine vs PropStream: Competitive Analysis

DealMachine vs PropStream: Competitive Analysis

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At DealMachine, one of our biggest focuses is educating our members.

We put a lot of time and effort into not only teaching members how to use the app but also about wholesale real estate in general.

We know we aren't the only real estate app in our space. And we know you might be weighing your options, which we encourage you to do.

So, we felt it could be useful to you if we analyzed our biggest competitor, PropStream.

You may think, "That sounds like the perfect opportunity to give a jaded review of your competition." Well, it would be, if we weren't dedicated to our members.

The good news though, we are! Because of that, we made every effort to make this as unbiased as we can.

Is PropStream a better app for you and your real estate business? Read our analysis and find out.

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Benjy Nichols

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Benjy has been a media specialist at DealMachine for the last 2.5 years. He produces, writes, shoots, and edits our media content for our member's DealMachine and Real Estate education.