Digital Bandit Signs: A Strategy for Real Estate Success

Digital Bandit Signs: A Strategy for Real Estate Success

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Kevin Churchman, a seasoned real estate investor with a diverse portfolio of single-family homes and vacation properties in Idaho, recently shared his insights on the DealMachine Thought Leader Spotlight series. So in this blog, we are going to share some of Churchman's insights into digital bandit signs. Without further ado, lets dive in.

Kevin Churchman's Real Estate Background

Churchman, who began investing in real estate over a decade ago, has navigated the ups and downs of the market. He and his wife, Stephanie, have not only built a successful real estate portfolio but also owned and operated a large commercial printing, mailing, and marketing company, which they recently sold. Now, they are focusing their efforts on their new venture, DigitalBanditSigns.

The Problem with Traditional Bandit Signs

Churchman shared his thoughts on traditional bandit signs and the issues surrounding their use in the real estate industry. He explained:

"We really started to think, well, you know, there's quite a few negatives towards actual bandit signs. And probably the biggest one is they're called bandit signs because they're illegal. They're illegal in most municipalities. You know, they don't like them up. I mean, people put them up, but they don't stay up very long."

Churchman pointed out that the short lifespan of physical bandit signs was a significant drawback. Additionally, he noted that it was difficult for people to read the signs while driving by, often requiring them to turn around and go back to jot down the information.

The Birth of Digital Bandit Signs

Faced with the challenges of traditional bandit signs, Churchman and his wife sought an alternative solution. Drawing from his background in digital advertising, Churchman realized that they could create digital ads that mimicked the appearance of bandit signs. Stephanie, in a moment of inspiration, suggested:

"Why don't you just run ads that look like Bandit signs?"

This simple yet innovative idea marked the beginning of their new venture, Churchman conducted market research and discovered that surprisingly few people were utilizing this approach, presenting a unique opportunity for their business.

The Success of Digital Bandit Signs

Since launching their website a few months ago, Churchman has seen promising results. The company has completed its testing phase and is now onboarding actual clients at a rapid pace. One of the significant advantages of digital bandit signs is their flexibility—investors can target specific zip codes and homeowners across multiple states without physically placing signs in those locations.

Churchman shared some valuable tips for optimizing digital bandit sign campaigns:

  1. Use a plain yellow sign design, as it tends to perform best in the digital world.
  2. Target specific zip codes and homeowners for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Ensure that the landing page or website linked to the ad is of high quality to minimize bounce rates.
  4. Utilize identity capture technology to collect user information, even if they don't initially convert.

The Importance of a Strong Landing Page

Churchman emphasized the crucial role of a well-designed landing page in the success of digital bandit sign campaigns. He recommended using platforms like Carrot, which offer optimized templates specifically tailored for real estate wholesalers. A compelling landing page should include clear calls to action, engaging content, and easy ways for potential leads to contact the investor.

Working with a Significant Other in Business

As a couple who has successfully navigated multiple business ventures together, Churchman shared his insights on working with a significant other:

"We've always just been able to talk through things, and, you know, and I think that's a big thing, is, you know, trusting who you're with. And she's a sharp person, and she's very smart, and clearly, she's really, she's. We call her the bookkeeper in business because she's the one that keeps track of all the money and knows how everything works."

Churchman attributed their success to open communication, trust, and a clear division of responsibilities based on their individual strengths.

Embracing the Future of Real Estate Marketing

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, innovative strategies like digital bandit signs are poised to revolutionize the way investors reach potential sellers. By leveraging the power of targeted digital advertising and optimized landing pages, investors can effectively capture leads and grow their businesses without the limitations and legal issues associated with traditional bandit signs.

Kevin Churchman's journey and the success of serve as an inspiring example of how adapting to change and thinking outside the box can lead to new opportunities in the world of real estate investing. As more investors embrace digital marketing strategies, the industry is set to witness a significant shift in the way properties are bought and sold.

To learn more about digital bandit signs and how they can benefit your real estate business, visit or reach out to Kevin Churchman and his team directly. With their expertise and personalized approach, they can help guide you through the process of implementing this innovative marketing strategy and take your investing career to new heights.

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