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How to Make Offers on a House Confidently With the Help of Photos & Videos

How to Make Offers on a House Confidently With the Help of Photos & Videos

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Regardless of whether or not you buy a house sight-unseen or not, you’ll want pictures of the property. Having this collection of images and videos will help you settle on things like the selling costs, likely repairs, and more. Here’s how to use photos and videos to make offers on houses you’ve yet to see in person.

Be Both Specific and Broad

It’s important to get specific images and videos of certain aspects of the house. Consider asking for pictures of any cracks on the foundation or walls, if there are any. The same can be said about the roof, fence line, and driveway.

However, it’s also vital to get pictures that show the broader aspects of the house. You want to see how the neighbours are keeping up with their houses, while also getting a sense about how the house looks, as a whole. Make sure to get whole pictures of bedrooms, backyards, front yards, and driveway spaces.

Use Video to Your Power

There’s only so much an image can capture, but a well-shot video of the property can illustrate its strengths and weaknesses. Having quality video of the property beforehand also saves you time from having to travel to and from the property. And as we all know, our lives as real estate investors are already squeezed for free time.

Want to learn more about how to leverage photos and videos to your advantage when making an offer on a home? Watch the video below and don’t forget to visit our website to start your 14-day free trial, afterwards.

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