3 Strategies to Find Profitable Probate Leads in Real Estate

3 Strategies to Find Profitable Probate Leads in Real Estate

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Probate leads are among the most sought-after resources in the real estate investing world. But what exactly are they and how do you find them?

Probate leads refer to properties that have entered the probate process. This usually happens when a property owner passes away and their estate, including all real estate holdings, needs to be distributed among the heirs or sold. Most owners of probate properties are motivated to sell, which makes them a prime target for wholesale real estate investors.

1. Utilizing Probate Lead Software

The technology wave hasn't left the real estate industry untouched. Today, we have sophisticated software that can provide probate leads at the click of a button. These software tools gather contact information and property data from various sources, including public records from probate courts.

One such tool is DealMachine, which streamlines the lead generation process, saving investors countless hours that they would have otherwise spent on manual research. The software gives you access to a wealth of probate real estate leads, equipping you with in-depth data that allows you to make strategic investment decisions. Remember, in the world of real estate, information is power.

2. Networking and Building Relationships

Finding probate leads isn't all about mining data. Sometimes, it's about forging connections with the right people—those involved in the probate process. This could be probate attorneys, courthouses, or even family members of the deceased (post courtesy period). Relationships facilitate trust, which could lead to hidden pre-probate or probate opportunities being shared with you, given you've established the right rapport.

Network with real estate agents who specialize in probate sales, attend Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) meetings or visit probate courts. Remember, network building is a lot about giving before receiving. So, always strive to offer help before asking for leads.

3. Online Marketing Tactics

As previously mentioned, we live in a connected world where it's possible to find probate leads at the click of a button. There are various strategies for online marketing that can attract and generate probate lead opportunities.

SEO-optimized blogs: Create informative blogs that target keywords like 'Probate properties', 'Probate real estate leads', and 'Avoid probate'. Regularly publishing informative content can increase your website's inbound traffic and lead inquiries over time.

Remember you may rank easier for longer tail keywords, so it can be beneficial to do location-specific blogs. For example, probate properties in Delaware County. This would help target people in search of help in your specific area.

Social Media Marketing: Use platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to join and interact with groups where potential probate leads might be.

Email Newsletters: Regular, informative emails to your subscribers can help you stay top-of-mind among your network. Who knows? A subscriber today might just be a source of a probate lead tomorrow.

Real-World Success with Probate Leads

To illustrate the effectiveness of the above techniques, let's consider the case of a seasoned real estate investor, who stumbled into the world of probate properties serendipitously.

This investor had been traditionally doing wholesaling and rehabbing and happened to cross paths with an individual who had recently lost his mother. The person was in the middle of a chaotic probate filing and was motivated to sell to offload the property which had become a burden. Leveraging his relationship-building knack, the investor was able to find an unheard-of deal that added to his portfolio and eased an individual's distress. This win-win scenario is what real estate investing is all about!

Active real estate investors looking for probate leads need to combine online lead-generation techniques with traditional networking efforts to find high-quality prospects. So, it's time you roll up your sleeves, sign up for software like DealMachine, and get networking to find those hidden probate gems.

You'll be surprised how many motivated sellers are out there looking for an investor like you. Remember, every successful real estate investor started just like you – one lead at a time. So get out there and start building your success story today!

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