San Diego Charger Replaces Salary by Wholesaling Real Estate

San Diego Charger Replaces Salary by Wholesaling Real Estate

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Have you ever dreamed of multiplying your income tenfold or even replacing your regular 9-to-5 with a gig in real estate? You're in for a treat because today's blog features a heavy-hitter strategy that's reshaping lives across the nation.

So, is ditching your W-2 with wholesaling a pipe dream? Not at all. To prove it, we're diving into a story from one of our recent podcast episodes. Former NFL star turned real estate investor, Dean Rogers—once a soaring San Diego Charger—to share the nitty-gritty of diving headfirst into wholesaling real estate and how it's truly life-changing.

Kick-Off: Swapping NFL Glories for Corporate Life

Dean's tale begins with an NFL badge of honor.

It was an exhilarating ride while it lasted—all glitz and childhood fantasies turning real. But once the cleats came off and I stepped into the corporate grind, I was in for a rude awakening. Suddenly, I found myself far away from the seven-figure checks and started missing them, big time.

The Search Begins: Discovering the Wholesaling Playbook

Dean was once like many of us—all hustle but with a paycheck that didn't quite match up. So he turned to Google, digging into real estate's gold mines. It wasn't long before he stumbled upon the 'Flip to Freedom' podcast with Sean Terry. Gripped by the potential of real estate flipping, Dean was all-in from day one: no hesitation, sheer action.

In his third month, Dean scored a deal, but there was a catch. The property wasn't selling. So, tapping into his inner strategist, Dean reached out on Sean Terry’s very own platform pretending to be a seller.

Dean chuckles, "That move had 'rookie play' written all over it, but guess what? It panned out gloriously!"

"In a stunning 48-hour blitz, Sean had my property sold," Dean recounts. "I was on cloud nine, letting out a victorious whoop right there in the office—ex-NFL style!"

The Grind: Applying NFL Discipline to Wholesaling

In this game of real estate, success doesn't hail a cab for you overnight. It took Dean three months of diligent effort before netting his first deal. Drawing parallels with his NFL discipline, Dean remarks, “It's like prepping for the Super Bowl—you don't score a touchdown at the first scrimmage. It takes training, repetition, and undying optimism."

It was this tenacious spirit that carried Dean through the initial dry run. He knew that if an average Joe, a former pest control guy featured on Sean's podcast, could strike it rich in real estate, so could he.

The Breakthrough Deal: Navigating the HUD Home Store Maze

Curious about his trailblazing first deal? It was a HUD foreclosure property found on the HUD Homestore website, a platform reserved for owner-occupants and nonprofits initially but opened to investors after 30 days. With a carefully selected real estate agent to make the bids, Dean meticulously put in over 30 offers before landing his golden ticket.

"All it took was consistent effort and playing by the numbers," Dean explains as he demystifies his strategy.

From Fields to Flips to Fortunes

Leaving the NFL was a matter of life and health for Dean. He knew continuing in his position could be detrimental. Yet, swapping cleats for corporate wasn't the endgame for this pro-athlete. Today, Dean enjoys a lifestyle restored, thanks to his determination and the wholesaling playbook.

After his initial success, he pivoted from wholesaling real estate to flipping houses and then eventually turned to building a rental portfolio, which now hovers around the $10 million mark.

Dialing in the Strategy: Dean's Lead Generation Play

Today, Dean's diversified his playbook well beyond the HUD Homestore website. Though real estate direct mail has been his star player for a good deal of his journey, he's added PPC, TV, and radio ads, as well as carved out a solid place for relationship-building in his strategy.

Perhaps you're wondering how he handles the torrent of leads generated from his marketing mastery. In the initial years, a simple Google Voice number did the trick, redirecting calls straight to his cell phone. But as Dean’s system evolved, so did his tech stack. Now, dedicated numbers for each campaign are integrated seamlessly into his CRM, tracking every call and dealing diligently with motivated sellers.

The Victory Lap: Coaching the Next Wholesaling Champions

Dean doesn't just conjure real estate magic for himself; his coaching platform is propelling others toward their goals. "The ideal student is a go-getter, someone who doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves to put in the work. Because success here, just like in sports, is about relentless pursuit and overcoming hurdles without surrendering."

For those looking to tag along with Dean on their real estate journey, reach out to Dean. He’s inviting you to plunge into the exciting real estate wholesaling field which has not only replaced his NFL income but has also ignited an unstoppable drive for impacting lives.

Huddling Up for the Next Play

Just like Dean sees a horizon beyond his current accomplishments, you too can peer into a future carved out of wholesaling real estate.

"Despite having a life many dreams of, I wake up fired up because there's so much more to be done—not just in terms of personal milestones but in terms of the impact I can make," Dean shares inspiringly.

So, are you ready to draft your own real estate success story? Might not be a bad idea to check out Dean's insights. Because, as he proves, whether it's on the turf or in the market, a relentless drive can build legacies.

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