The Formula for Marketing to Wholesale Real Estate

The Formula for Marketing to Wholesale Real Estate

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Wholesaling real estate can be a daunting venture for new investors, but with strategic marketing and consistency, it's possible to achieve success. In this post, we delve into effective marketing tactics for wholesale real estate, specifically focusing on text blasting and cold calling, as shared by Yash Sampet.

Getting Started with Wholesaling

Ryan Haywood, a seasoned wholesaler who started his journey back in 2019, interviews Yash Sampet, a transitioning real estate agent who has been wholesaling for just three months. Despite his short tenure, Yash has already secured three deals through his marketing efforts. Here's how he did it.

Text Blasting and Cold Calling: The Basics

Yash's primary marketing channels are text blasting and cold calling. These methods involve reaching out to potential sellers in different markets to see if they’re interested in selling their property. According to Yash, sending out around 2000 text messages typically generates about ten to fifteen responses, with one to three of those being immediate leads looking to sell.

Tools of the Trade

To manage his text blasting campaigns, Yash leverages software like High Level and tests other tools to ensure efficiency. However, he cautions against sending too many texts at once, as it can flag your number and reduce deliverability.

Balancing Volume and Quality

While the conversion rate from initial text to a legitimate lead is about 1%, the conversion from lead to actual deal stands impressively between 25% to 30%. This high conversion rate speaks to the effectiveness of Yash's follow-up process and his ability to negotiate and close deals.

Calculating the Offer

Once Yash identifies a potential deal, he conducts a virtual assessment using tools like PropStream, Zillow, and Privy to determine the property's After Repair Value (ARV). Here's a breakdown of his formula:

  1. Determine ARV: Use DealMachine, Zillow, and other tools to estimate the property’s value after repairs.
  2. Subtract Costs:
    • Commission: Usually around 7%
    • Holding Costs: About 5%
    • Repairs: This can range from $15,000 for minor repairs to $80,000 for major gut jobs, depending on the property size and condition.
  3. Add Wholesaling Fee: Yash typically charges between $5,000 to $10,000, adjusting based on the deal's attractiveness.

Negotiating with Sellers

Yash conducts all his negotiations virtually. He estimates repair costs and offers a price that considers these expenses. If additional repairs are identified later, he renegotiates with the seller. This flexibility and transparency help in building trust with the seller.


Finding and Working with Buyers

Once a deal is under contract, Yash uses a combination of Facebook groups, PropStream, and DealMachine to find buyers. He posts in various groups and manually reaches out to active buyers who have transacted multiple properties in recent years.

Why Text Blasting and Cold Calling Work

  • Efficiency: These methods are scalable and allow investors to reach a large audience quickly.
  • Direct Response: They offer an immediate way to gauge interest and qualify leads.
"Consistency is key. Even when it's tough and doesn't seem like you're getting anything, keeping consistency with your marketing efforts is crucial." - Yash Sampet

Transitioning from Real Estate Agent to Wholesaler

Yash shares that his background in real estate lead generation helped ease his transition into wholesaling. By applying his skills in generating leads for agents to his wholesaling business, he was able to hit the ground running.

The Benefits of Wholesaling

  • Higher Profit Margins: Even smaller deals can yield substantial profits without the headaches of client management.
  • Less Stress: Compared to running an agency, wholesaling offers a simpler, more manageable operation.

Lessons Learned and Tips for Aspiring Wholesalers

Yash's journey underscores several key takeaways for new wholesalers:

  • Leverage Technology: Use reliable software for text blasting and lead management.
  • Be Adaptable: Adjust your strategies based on market feedback and stay open to learning.
  • Stay Consistent: Regular, persistent marketing efforts are essential for success.


Wholesaling real estate requires a strategic approach, but with effective marketing techniques like text blasting and cold calling, combined with consistency and adaptability, it is possible to achieve significant success. Yash Sampet's experience serves as an inspiring example for new investors aiming to break into the industry.

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