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What a Wholesale Deal Looks Like & Estimating Repair Costs

What a Wholesale Deal Looks Like & Estimating Repair Costs

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Today, we’re with DealMachine user and Wholesaler Gabe Esparza in San Antonio as he takes us through his newest closed deal in San Antonio, Texas. In the embedded video, he’ll not only be showing us around the home but giving us insights on what wholesale deals look like and sharing estimates on needed repairs they often require.

Look for Property Gems

The property Gabe just recently acquired has what he believes is a “salvageable” driveway, which could both save him thousands from having to build a new one and increase the property value, itself. Also, things like handicap accessible entryways can be a big bonus to have on any one property.

See What Just Needs Some TLC

Gabe is also keen on showing us that you should always be on the lookout for low-cost repairs, like sanding and repainting side-molding. As long as they’re not rotted or rusted-out, refinishing things like side-molding can shave-off thousands off the repair.

Don’t Be Afraid to Gut It

Looking inside, Gabe was pleased to see that the bones of the house were good—but, basically, everything else needed to go. Going into this, Gabe knew that as long as the structural integrity of the house was solid, he could avoid costly repairs like fixing foundations. All of those mentioned fixes are far more expensive than, say, having to rip-up some old carpet or linoleum.

Want to see more of Gabe's fixer-uppers and get specifics on other repair-related costs? Watch the video below and don’t forget to visit our website to start your 14-day free trial, afterwards.

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