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What Do I Say on the Phone When a Seller Calls Me?

What Do I Say on the Phone When a Seller Calls Me?

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I recently sat down with my friend Beau Hollis, a DealMachine user and owner of Louisville Wholesale Houses. Beau’s an incredibly good public speaker, who also seems to have a knack at finding (and keeping) motivated sellers. So, during our chat, I wanted to pick his brain on what to say when a seller calls.

Build Likeability and Credibility

These two characteristics are crucial to building strong buyer-to-seller relationships in Beau’s opinion. “You want them to realize that this guy’s a real person and that he cares about selling my house,” he tells me. “Then, it’s important to build credibility to let the seller know your capable of closing those deals.”

Learn About the Condition of the Property

Once you’ve established a baseline level of trust with the seller, now’s the time to learn more about the property. Beau’s advice is simple here; “Ask things like ‘how's the roof?’ and ‘how’re the windows?’ things like that.” It’s similarly important to see if they’ve updated the condition of the property, especially if it’s an older home. “Always take the moment to be talking about the property,” he adds before telling me it’s also a good idea to always ask if they still owe anything on the home.

Make an Appointment

If everything checks-out right and you have a great rapport with the seller, schedule an appointment to meet them and see the house. “You don’t ask them what time works for you, you give them a few available slots you have,” he tells me. People are always busy, and Beau believes that when you set the availability, it helps move the selling process along quicker. “Then I say if you have any questions for me, and end the call if there are none with a ‘Thanks for talking to me!’”

Consider taking Beau’s advice during your next seller call to ensure everything goes over without a hitch. Don’t forget to watch the video of our conversation below and don’t forget to visit our website to start your 14-day free trial, afterwards.

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