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We build technology used by thousands of investors and house flippers who renovate homes and revitalize neighborhoods across America. We help people improve their lives through real estate investing.

We’re a bootstrapped profitable company that’s growing exponentially. Grow with us!

Meet the team!


CEO - David

I am the CEO at DealMachine, and my job is to both promote my team and clear roadblocks for them.

My favorite pastime is driving for dollars with my girlfriend, riding my motorcycle, and grilling steaks.

My superpower is that I can Russian Dance my way to free drinks at your wedding.


Chief Technology Officer - Dave

I am the Chief Technology Officer at DealMachine. In my role, I make sure that our software is in tip-top shape. I pride myself on making sure that the DealMachine app is built with the highest quality and care.

In my spare time, I love to barbeque in the backyard with my family and friends.

I would say that my superpower is being able to learn new things quickly!

Josh Johnson

VP of Enterprise - Josh

I am the VP of Enterprise at DealMachine. I am responsible for helping our enterprise-level members grow and scale their businesses successfully through DealMachine.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, watching and playing sports, golden tee, fantasy football, and hanging out with my girlfriend Laura and our dogs, Evelyn and Henry.

My real-life superpower is being an excellent mixologist.


Customer Success Manager - Elise

I am the Customer Success Manager at DealMachine. I help on-board and support our members so that they know best practices with DealMachine to ensure their success.

My favorite pastime is spending time with friends, family, and my fur baby Ella.

My superpower is awkwardness removal. I cancel awkwardness out of any conversation.


Marketing Manager - Hannah

I work as the Marketing Manager here at DealMachine. As the Marketing Manager, I help connect our audience and members to DealMachine. I also educate them about how DealMachine can help them scale their real estate business.

My favorite pastime is DIY-ing! Everything from painting or making furniture, to sewing, to redoing a room in my house. If I can paint it or change it with a minimal budget, chances are high that I will.

My superpower is seeing the good in everything. Whether it be people, places, or things, I can see it, and I want to help them get there.


Customer Support Representative - AJ

I am a part of the Customer Success Team at DealMachine. I take care of our members from Saturday-Wednesday 9 AM-5 PM EST.

I enjoy going to the gym to lift weights. Releasing stress and staying healthy is something that I love to do in my free time. If I am not in the gym, I am busy learning new things on YouTube University. I have been a loyal student since 2012.

Superpowers, I guess I'm Mystique in my own little but good way. I don't shapeshift, but I study and try a lot of things so that when I meet a new person, most of the time, we'd find something in common.


Customer Support Representative - Joy

I am a part of the Customer Success Team at DealMachine. I make our members' day better by responding to queries and providing assistance via chat and email.

I spend a lot of my spare time playing and making memories with my daughter. I also love binge-watching movies with my family.

My superpower is having a detective mind. I love solving problems and connecting the dots.

John Stanfield

Senior Data Architect - John

I am the Senior Data Architect at DealMachine. I have two large monitors that show green text on a black background, kind of like The Matrix. I decipher that green text to keep DealMachine running smoothly 24/7/365.

My favorite pastime is getting out and seeing the world with my wife and kids. We love road trips, camping, boating, basically anything outside.

My superpower is being a fixer. I can fix broken toys, broken toasters, and even broken cars. Pretty much anything that the average person would want to toss, I can find some way to repair or utilize it.

Tai Payne

Media Specialist - Tai

I am the Media Specialist at DealMachine. I create daily informational and promotional content for us to utilize on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and our website.

My favorite pastime is going to the movies and watching cinema.

My superpower is always being there for others when it matters the most.


Customer Support Representative - Pam

I am a Customer Support Representative at DealMachine. It is my job to deliver information, resolve issues, and provide satisfaction to our dear members.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking care of my plants, and cleaning my backyard, like a landscaper.

My superpower is staying busy. I don't allow myself to sit and browse the internet or watch movies. Instead, I look for things that will allow me to occupy myself.


Customer Support Representative - Jessa

I am a Customer Support Representative at DealMachine. I help our members by resolving issues and answering inquiries about the app.

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, having picnics, and just having random strolls with my friends and family.

My superpower is being a flexible planner. I also enjoy coming up with out-of-the-box plans if the first one doesn't work!

Jared Mudd

Front End Developer - Jared

I am a Front End Developer at DealMachine. In my role, I work on website maintenance and enhancements, bug fixes and troubleshooting.

In my spare time, I enjoy winemaking, baseball, weekends around the pool with friends and family, and weekend road trips.

My superpower is the ability to pick up on new concepts fairly quickly.


Customer Support Representative - Maria

I am a Customer Support Representative at DealMachine. My job is to make sure that members are taken care of. We help members with troubleshooting and inquiries, as well as customer education.

In my spare time, I love to binge-watch TV series on Netflix. I also enjoy visiting the Marketplace. I am very fond of outdoor activities. I enjoy playing volleyball and badminton the most. I also love to visit fast-food chains and restaurants.

I consider myself a "Jack of All Trades." This would have to be my superpower because I can multitask like a Pro.


Executive Assistant to the CEO - Lindsay

I work as the Assistant to the CEO here at DealMachine. As David’s assistant, I wear various hats in the office, but most importantly, making sure David is prepared, on-time and has sufficient time to concentrate on DealMachine strategies and priorities.

I love to spend time with family, travel and fine dining.

My superpower is being able to stay calm under pressure…no matter the circumstances!

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