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We build technology used by thousands of investors and house flippers who renovate homes and revitalize neighborhoods across America. We help people improve their lives through real estate investing.

We’re a bootstrapped profitable company that’s growing exponentially. Grow with us!

Meet the team!

In-person Events

Our 2021 Q2 Retreat was at the Alexander Hotel

We got together for a fun activity of duckpin bowling and OKR planning where everyone in the company decided how they wanted to contribute to the company's quarterly goals.

Virtual Work Environment

Our Head of Engineering and Head of Product zoom-in to give a DealMachine update

One of the top benefits DealMachine team members love is the ability to work from home most days. DealMachine provides the hardware and the software to collaborate virtually.

No stressful performance reviews

We aim to give feedback constantly, not tear down your morale once a year at your "annual review."

Instead of annual performance reviews where the team member has one shot to say how good he/she did, and the manager brings a list of all the things the employee did wrong, each team member gives round-robin feedback to each other once a month so no negative feelings fester and we transparently learn what we're doing well and how we can support each other better in real time. There's also a 1-1 between the employee and manager weekly, and 3 positive support reviews per year.

Medical, Dental & Vision

For you 100% and your family is paid 50% by the company.

Work Life Balance

9am-5pm in your local US time zone. We like not having a culture of 80 hour work weeks, and figure you appreciate it as well.


Eleven paid holidays.


Employer match up to 3% of your salary.

Work From Home

We have an office and we do in-person social events once a month in Indianapolis. However, most of our team enjoys working from home.

Casual Environment

Most days we wear a T shirt and shorts.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

We provide up to 12 paid weeks.

Constant Feedback

No annual performance reviews. We give and receive feedback weekly, plus have 3 reviews per year to make sure we're supporting you.

Company Swag

Some DealMachine branded items on us.

Flexible PTO

Take off when you need it! Just communicate with us in advance.

Available Positions

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