6 Ways To Help Someone In Foreclosure: Devin Robinson

6 Ways To Help Someone In Foreclosure: Devin Robinson

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One of the most overlooked yet potentially lucrative areas in real estate is helping homeowners in foreclosure. These individuals are often in dire need of a solution before the bank takes over their homes. In this blog, we'll dive into the world of foreclosures and uncover highly effective strategies to aid those in need while building a path to financial freedom with Devin Robinson's real estate journey. So without further ado let's jump into how Devin turned an unconventional start into a foreclosure goldmine.

The Unlikely Start: TikTok and Family Ties

Devin's journey in real estate is nothing short of surprising. A casual scroll through TikTok led him to the idea of entering the real estate industry with no money or credit required. Discussions with his mother revealed a hidden connection; she was an acquisitionist for a hedge fund called Amherst—serendipity at its finest. This was a critical encounter, as it opened his eyes to a side of real estate brimming with urgency and potential: real estate foreclosures.

Crashing, Burning, and Learning: The Evolution of a Wholesaler

The initial system Devin had in place involved navigating "For Sale by Owner" listings on Zillow and channeling those opportunities to the hedge fund. While this method proved lucrative initially—with 70 deals in the first six months— it was not sustainable. When hedge funds ceased their aggressive buying pattern, Devin faced the stark reality of the market's fluctuations, forcing layoffs and a complete rethink of his strategies.

“It was a huge learning experience for me. And it's interesting. I wouldn't say it was a failure because I learned a ton,” Devin reflects.

This setback served as a catalyst for innovation and growth. Devin immersed himself in mastermind groups, notably, The Collective Genius, where he learned the essence of true real estate wholesaling—directly tapping into motivated sellers' needs through advanced strategies like cold calling and driving for dollars.

Hedge Funds Halt and The Pivot to Personalization

The hedge fund hiatus led to an adaptation that became the crux of Devin's success. He developed a personalized approach to reaching out to homeowners facing foreclosure, offering himself as a consultant without any cost. This emphasis on personal connections led to more than just sales—it built relationships that are both meaningful and profitable.

Empathy and trust play crucial roles in navigating the delicate scenarios of foreclosure aid.

The Power of Empathy: Connecting with Foreclosure Leads

Devin's secret sauce is his hyper-empathetic lead outreach. Leveraging the emotional weight of the foreclosure process, he and his team connect with homeowners by positioning themselves as allies, not just investors. They employ a strategy that involves sending personalized videos to homeowners' mobile phones—an intimate touch that sets them apart from the competition.

The Practical Side: Six Real Solutions

Devin's team goes beyond conventional offers. They present homeowners a range of six practical solutions that genuinely consider the homeowners' best interests. From loan modification guidance to creative financing options like "subject to" arrangements, they ensure that every homeowner is empowered with choices.

One poignant story Devin shares is the aid provided to a 102-year-old homeowner in convalescent care. The team conducted an estate sale, facilitated her move to a new home state, and even helped legal proceedings on her behalf—demonstrating that their services transcended mere transactions.

Riding the Foreclosure Wave: A Strategic Approach

Interestingly, Devin highlights the notion of the "closest to the money"—the idea that the highest priority leads are those facing imminent foreclosure. Here, motivation is sky-high, and if you can offer a viable solution, your chances of securing the deal are just as high.

Strategically engaging with foreclosure leads can lead to not only higher deal values but also a profound impact on those you help.

The Future of Foreclosure Deals and Real Estate Investments

The conversation with Devin ends on a note of anticipation as we see hedge funds slowly re-entering the market, potentially gearing up for a new buying spree. For investors like Devin, this possibility could mean revisiting relationships with hedge funds to benefit from their buying power once again.

Concluding Thoughts

Devin's journey in real estate delivers a clear message: Foreclosures while challenging, offer a unique avenue for creating value—for both the investor and the homeowner in distress. By implementing a system that combines personalization, empathy, and creative solutions, investors can build a profitable wholesaling business that genuinely assists homeowners in navigating the tumultuous tides of foreclosure.

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