4 Strategies to Acquire MLS Expired Listings

4 Strategies to Acquire MLS Expired Listings

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If you are just getting started in real estate investing and considering what types of motivating factors to look out for in leads this blog might be for you. While there are a ton of great factors to look out for one frequently missed is expired MLS listings.

Acquiring MLS expired listings is like finding a secret pathway to potential deals, many of which have immense potential for returns. This blog post aims to demystify the strategies you'll need to find expired MLS listings and leverage them to your advantage.

Understanding MLS Expired Listings

Expired MLS listings refer to properties that were listed for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) but did not sell by the agreed-upon date outlined in the contract. These listings provide a unique opportunity for real estate investors. Often, the failure to sell is not due to the quality of the property, but factors like inadequate marketing strategy, pricing issues, economy, and sometimes, divorce proceedings that disrupt the selling process.

Usually, the listing contract will have terms set for 6 months to a year between the agent and seller. And you might be thinking, why does there need to be a listing contract for the MLS? Well it just is a formally written out agreement between the seller and agent that they do want their property listed to sell. But to be on the MLS it needs a start and end date for the contract. So once that end date is reached, the listing will become an expired listing.

At that point, the seller can decide to list with a different agent, the same agent, or not put their house back on the market. However, if the seller decides they don't want the house on market at any point they can also withdraw the listing.

Benefits of Acquiring MLS Expired Listings

The opportunities that MLS expired listings offer are limitless. They represent a pool of sellers who might be more motivated to negotiate terms, especially if they've had their property on the market for a while. This opens up a chance to acquire great properties at a favorable price. Infographics reveal that over a third of real estate deals come from expired listings, a testament to their potential.

The Four Ways to Get MLS Expired Listings

There are several strategies that can place these valuable expired listings within your reach.

Utilizing Contacts and Networking

Making the most of existing relationships and forging new ones within the real estate world is a valuable approach. Networking with other real estate investors, interacting with listing agents, and fostering relationships with people having access to public records can provide valuable leads to find expired listings.

Using Online Resources

The internet is a vast resource filled with sites that list expired real estate listings. Some websites specialize in providing data on expired listings. Another excellent online resource is forums and online communities where real estate professionals share tips and exchange leads.

Leveraging Real Estate Platforms

Technology advancements have seen the development of automated tools that can find and compile expired MLS listings for you. These tools scan through MLS data and can provide listings soon after they expire, giving you a strategic advantage in reaching out to sellers first. Real estate software tools are invaluable in accessing expired listings.

Platforms like DealMachine have shown their worth in providing real-time, value-driven data that enhances your ability to find expired listings. Plus you'll have access to things like unlimited contact information and marketing automation to reach out to these leads.

Hiring a Professional Service

Professional services save you time and energy by doing the leg work for you. A professional team can scour through databases and public records, leveraging many resources simultaneously to find a plethora of expired listings. This option is ideal if you lack the time required to find these listings yourself.

MLS expired listings are a hidden goldmine for real estate investors. So start networking, use online resources, consider using professional services, and take advantage of technology. Happy hunting!

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