Building Successful Business Relationships - Zvi Band

Building Successful Business Relationships - Zvi Band

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Have you ever hesitated to reconnect with a past client simply because too much time has elapsed?

This common dilemma can lead to a cascade of doubts and excuses, and if you're in the business of maintaining vital connections, such moments can become true roadblocks on your path to success.

In our latest DealMachine Thought Leader Spotlight, our Head of Partnerships at DealMachine, got the chance to dive deep into this topic with Zvi Band — a pioneer in relationship-centric technology and authentic networking.

Networking and building relationships is the foundation to a strong and successful business for real estate investors, whether you wholesale real estate, BRRRR, or flip houses.

The Subconscious Hurdles of Reconnecting

Let's face it, reaching back out to a client after a significant gap can feel daunting. Common inner dialogues often look like this:

"Oh no, it's been ages. Will they even remember me?""What if they're upset that I haven't been in touch?""Maybe they'll think I have an ulterior motive for reaching out now..."

Such uncertainties contribute to procrastination, opting to "do it later" when anxiety builds. But here’s the kicker — these blockers are more common than you might think. Recognizing them is the first step in overcoming the fears that impede our professional relationships.

Spotlight on Zvi Band: The Expert in Relationship Building

In the world of building long-lasting business relationships, Zvi Band stands out. As an entrepreneur, developer, author, speaker, and investor, Band understands the intricacies of cultivating repeat and referral business through genuine connections.

His journey began with the creation of Contactually, a CRM designed to maintain relationship-driven interactions, particularly valuable in the real estate industry. Despite starting his career as an introverted software developer, Zvi quickly realized that relationships, not merely technical skills, would be the propellant for success.

Understanding Behavior Blockers

Through Contactually and now Relatable, Band has observed that beyond acknowledging the importance of relationships, users often struggle due to behavioral obstacles. Fear and the perception of lacking time are the predominant forces that hold people back from engaging with their network.

Band underscores a jarring statistic to articulate the potential cost of overlooking these behaviors: 88% of buyers would work with their same real estate agent again, yet only 12% do. This gap illustrates the impact when we allow our doubts and fears to dictate inactivity.

Overcoming Behavioral Blockers: The Path to Better Networking

So, how can you transform good intentions into action? Zvi Band offers a refreshing approach to nurturing your sphere of influence:

  1. Categorize and Prioritize: Place your contacts into a database and determine who should be on the top of your outreach list. Aim to follow up with past clients or significant connections every quarter to stay relevant.
  2. Simple Engagements: Forget lavish gifts or extravagant gestures. A simple, heartfelt message can often resonate deeper — showcasing that you genuinely care.
  3. Routine and Rewards: Build simple systems that you can implement routinely. Adding trigger mechanisms can motivate habitual action, and don't forget to reward yourself for completed tasks to create a positive feedback loop.

Remember, forming a practice out of these steps requires patience and dedication, as the rewards might not be immediate. Nonetheless, relentless consistency is the key to fortifying relationships.

The Essence of Asking the Right Questions

Engaging communications rely on authentic interest. Instead of the generic "how can I help you?" question, it’s about delving deeper. Band suggests asking future-focused questions such as, “If we were celebrating a year from now, what would we be happy about?” This opens up discussions about aspirations and allows for meaningful connections.

Embracing Technology While Fostering Timeless Relationships

Even in an era where technology pervades all aspects of business, Band emphasizes the unchanging nature of human interaction. We yearn for connections we can trust, a fact that holds true regardless of evolving industry landscapes.

Connecting with Zvi Band and His Ventures

To catch more insights from Zvi Band, find him through a simple Google search (he's the only Zvi Band out there!), through his latest platform Relatable at, or learn how to be more engaging in business.

Our discussion with Zvi Band illuminates the timeless importance of cultivating strong relationships in any industry. Whether you are a real estate investor, an agent, or simply someone who values professional networking, the encouragement is to cherish the human element at the core of success — a principle not to be overshadowed by the rapid shifts within our technological age. Keep relationship-building at the forefront of your strategy, and watch your professional universe expand.

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