DealMachine Review with Albert Diaz from Orale Homes

DealMachine Review with Albert Diaz from Orale Homes

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DealMachine is a tried-and-true tool countless real estate investors use to buy (and profit off of) wholesale properties. Our vice president, Josh, sat down with DealMachine User Albert Diaz to talk about his experience using DealMachine.

Meet Albert

Owner of Orale Homes, Albert’s been using DealMachine over the past few months to acquire new homes to buy wholesale. Before getting started, Albert was working in construction, hoping to retire soon to spend more time with his family. He was looking for another way to have a cash flow, and, after some research, he decided to start becoming a real estate wholesaler “I was a bit nervous getting started,” he tells Josh. “But after my first successful deal, I dropped off the keys to my boss and never came back.”

A Deal Albert Recently Closed Using DealMachine

Albert is on his way to building quite the real estate business. “I started sending yellow letters and they were getting thrown out, by my postcard through DealMachine stood out and I got calls back,” Albert tells. “Come the next day, after driving five hours with DealMachine I got a property under contract.”

Albert’s Advice to New Investors: Use DealMachine

An adamant user himself, Albert recommends using the DealMachine to all investors, but especially new ones. DealMachine makes not only finding wholesale properties easy but helps streamline everything from contacting the seller to closing the deal—or deals, in Albert’s case.

Want to hear more of Alber’s DealMachine tips and insights? Watch the video below and don’t forget to visit our website to start your 14-day free trial, afterwards.

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