From $5k to $35k Deals: Scaling A Real Estate Business

From $5k to $35k Deals: Scaling A Real Estate Business

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The world of real estate wholesaling offers immense potential, promising lucrative returns with minimal upfront costs. However, the journey to success in this domain can be challenging. Jeremy Beland, a real estate wholesaler, started from humble beginnings but has achieved great success.

He now closes numerous high-value deals every month. Through his experiences, learn the methods and strategies essential for scaling a wholesaling business effectively.

Starting With the First Deal

In January 2017, Jeremy Beland embarked on his wholesaling journey with a direct mail campaign targeted at absentee owners. An out-of-state seller's response to his outreach marked the beginning of his venture into this real estate niche.

Jeremy faced challenges but didn't give up. He made a $5,000 profit from his first deal. A main lesson he learned early on is that it's important to connect with sellers and provide customized solutions.

Refining the Process Deal-by-Deal

The initial stages of Jeremy's journey were characterized by learning from his mistakes, including underestimating the significance of having a comprehensive cash buyers list. In his debut year as a part-time wholesaler, Jeremy executed 10 deals, generating $77,000 in revenue, which he promptly reinvested into his business.

The subsequent year witnessed a dramatic increase in his real estate transactions, with Jeremy closing 70 deals and earning over $500,000. This rapid escalation was attributed to his proactive approach and consistent skill enhancement.

A notable perspective from Jeremy Beland emphasizes the value of understanding client needs:

"When you're starting out, the focus should be on identifying areas where you can add value. It's crucial to understand the underlying issues the sellers face and craft solutions accordingly."


Growing a Team and Working ON The Business

Several years into his career as a real estate investor, Jeremy transitioned into a full-time role, enabling him to expand his team and concentrate on tasks with the highest ROI. By shifting his focus to data-driven decisions, targeted marketing, and team development, he was better positioned to delegate responsibilities and enhance his operations. Jeremy's insights underline the importance of hiring support early on and diversifying one's buyers list to ensure a steady stream of real estate deals.

In today's market, Jeremy's business consistently achieves an impressive average of $35,000 per wholesale deal across various regions.

Enjoying the Freedom

Wholesaling's financial rewards have provided Jeremy with the freedom and flexibility to prioritize personal commitments. While the initial stages demand dedication and hard work, the outcomes can be life-altering, offering decades of financial security and autonomy.

Wholesaling demands dedication, but the results are unparalleled. A combination of focused efforts, mentorship, and continuous learning can pave the way to substantial wealth and autonomy in the real estate domain.

For those interested in exploring Jeremy's coaching program and benefiting from his extensive knowledge, more information is available at, or they can connect on Facebook.

In conclusion, the journey of growing a profitable wholesaling business hinges on belief, action, and resilience. Armed with the right mindset and expertise, achieving the first deal and subsequently scaling to multiple high-value deals monthly becomes attainable.

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