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From Real Estate Success to Self-Love: An Inspiring Journey

From Real Estate Success to Self-Love: An Inspiring Journey

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In this blog post, we're taking an in-depth look at the incredible journey of Brad Chandler. He started out in the world of real estate investing over 20 years ago and has experienced massive success along the way. More recently, Brad discovered the power of self-love and has made it his life's mission to help others find the same inner peace and happiness.


The Early Days: Struggles and Persistence in Real Estate Investing

Brad's entry into real estate investing wasn't easy. It took him eight long months to find his first deal, during which he was working full-time and being a present father to his newborn son. Every week that went by, he became more and more persistent, driven by the belief that if others could find success in real estate investing, so could he.

Eventually, his persistence paid off, and he began seeing success in his real estate business. The key to this success? Not giving up. Today, his company has done over 4,000 transactions and he works only about two and a half hours a week in that business.


The Turning Point: Discovering Self-Love and Inner Happiness

While Brad achieved massive material success, he initially believed he was happy. However, after going through a major life transformation in 2021, he discovered that true happiness comes from within, through self-love and inner peace.

To start this journey, Brad sought help for his son's anxiety and behavioral issues, knowing that the issues stemmed from the environment and parenting. Through this process, he learned about the power of reprogramming the subconscious mind to overcome past traumas and negative beliefs.

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Identifying False Beliefs and Overcoming Them

The key to unlocking self-love is becoming aware of the false beliefs that hold us back – beliefs formed during our childhood that continue to negatively affect us as adults. To identify these beliefs, Brad suggests asking yourself a series of questions, including:

  • Do you have trouble experiencing deep, intimate relationships?
  • Do you find yourself judging others or yourself regularly?
  • Do you speak negatively to yourself on a regular basis?
  • Do you have addictive behaviors or self-destructive tendencies?

By answering these questions honestly and openly, you can gain valuable insight into your own false beliefs and begin to address them.


Transformations Through Hypnosis and Neuroplasticity

To help others achieve the same life-changing transformations that he has experienced, Brad has become a highly-skilled life and mindset coach. By using hypnosis, he helps his clients access their subconscious mind and change their thought patterns using the science of neuroplasticity.

Through daily practice and repetition, new neural pathways can be formed to replace old, negative beliefs with positive and empowering ones.


Pursuing Happiness Through Impact, Not Material Gain

With his newfound focus on self-love and inner happiness, Brad has shifted his life's purpose to making an impact on others. His real estate business continues to thrive, but it is now guided by a desire to better serve his clients, employees, and investors.

This same mentality can apply to any area of life, from personal relationships to business pursuits - happiness and fulfillment lie in the impact we make on others, not in material possessions or external achievements.


Starting Your Journey to Self-Love and Inner Happiness

If you're inspired by Brad's story and want to begin your journey to self-love and inner happiness, start by asking yourself the questions outlined earlier in this post. Then, reach out to a qualified professional who can help you unlock your subconscious mind and change your thought patterns for the better.

To learn more about Brad and his work, visit and schedule a free 30-minute call with him.

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