How Phillip Villegas Made $35,000 On His First Wholesale Deal

How Phillip Villegas Made $35,000 On His First Wholesale Deal

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Today, our spotlight shines on an enlightening interview with Phillip Villegas from the DealMachine Real Estate Investing Podcast.

Phillip started his career as an insurance agent but then became a real estate investor and made a whopping $35,000 from his first deal. His journey underscores the potential for achieving financial freedom through real estate wholesaling with the right mindset and strategies.

Phillip's Background Before Real Estate Investing

Phillip's professional life began in the insurance industry where he offered policies to middle and lower-class clients. While fulfilling in helping people attain necessary coverage, the role was not financially rewarding. To supplement his earnings, Phillip ventured into professional poker, bringing in an extra $3,000 - $4,000 each weekend.

However, frustration with long hours at the insurance firm led him to embrace poker and pool full-time. For 2.5 years, he matched his earlier earnings through gambling, sports betting, and pool. But recognizing the uncertainty in gambling, Phillip's interest piqued towards wholesaling real estate upon discovering a mentorship program.

Phillip's First Wholesaling Deal - $35k Profit

In his initial deal, Phillip’s approach was straightforward. By scouting neighborhoods for run-down, seemingly vacant properties, he identified potential opportunities. One such property led to a conversation with a seller eager to sell due to an abandoned renovation.

Remarkably, the seller's asking price was even more favorable than Phillip was hoping. Leveraging this opportunity, Phillip secured a profitable deal with a buyer, netting a significant $35,000 in under two weeks.

Such a lucrative start underscores the notion that expertise is not always requisite for significant profits in real estate. By integrating his poker-negotiating acumen and valuable mentorship, Phillip achieved success on his maiden venture.


Growing His Business After the First Deal

The windfall from his initial deal spurred Phillip to further explore real estate while still managing his insurance agency. This led to an additional 7 deals, garnering $175,000. His success propelled him to prioritize wholesaling, eventually launching a Motivated Seller Leads (MSL) franchise. Presently, Phillip collaborates with real estate agents and budding investors to facilitate wholesale transactions.

Phillip has done 80 successful wholesale deals so far. He bought a Tesla Model Y with cash and goes on family vacations twice a year. The flexibility of real estate wholesaling has enriched Phillip's life, offering time freedom and opportunities to rejuvenate with loved ones.

Phillip's Advice For New Investors

Phillip, with a wealth of experience behind him, generously offered a roadmap for those looking to carve a niche in wholesaling. Here are the golden nuggets of advice he imparted:

  1. Secure a Mentor: It's not just about having someone to guide you; it's about having the right mentor. An experienced individual can not only introduce novices to the intricacies of the business but also help them navigate potential pitfalls. Their insights, born out of years in the field, can be the difference between a deal falling apart and a profitable close.
  2. Commit Fully: Wholesaling isn't a venture where half-hearted efforts bear fruit. It's essential to be proactive and dedicated. Whether it's utilizing lunch breaks, waking up an hour earlier, or setting aside dedicated time in the evenings, ensure you're fully immersed in your endeavors. Every interaction could be a step closer to your next big deal.
  3. Persistently Follow Up: In the world of real estate, first impressions can be deceiving. A property owner who seems disinterested initially might be reconsidering their options. Consistently follow up and show genuine interest. This will establish you as a trustworthy and dedicated investor. It will also improve your likelihood of converting a potential customer into a profitable opportunity.
  4. Seek Advice Early: It's easy to dive headfirst into a deal when the numbers seem right. However, the nuances often lie in the details. Before finalizing anything, reach out to seasoned wholesalers. Their experience can provide you with a fresh perspective. This can assist you in determining whether the deal is truly beneficial or if there are any concealed issues.
  5. Look Beyond Aesthetics: While dilapidated properties might seem like obvious candidates for wholesaling, it's essential not to dismiss those that appear in good condition. Beneath the surface, there could be financial or legal complications that make the owner eager to sell. By digging deeper and not relying solely on appearances, you can uncover gems that others might overlook.

Embarking on a wholesaling journey armed with Phillip's insights could be the key to unlocking unparalleled success in the realm of real estate.

To connect with Phillip, engage with him on Instagram @keygleectx and @pvillegas11.

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