Maximizing Real Estate Potential: Chris Giannos' Insights

Maximizing Real Estate Potential: Chris Giannos' Insights

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Navigating the competitive landscape of real estate requires a blend of skill, determination, and the right mindset. In the dynamic world of property deals and client interactions, it's the ones who genuinely comprehend the essence of growth and sales within the industry that end up leading the pack. One such trailblazing expert is Chris Giannos, whose meteoric rise and innovative strategies make him a thought leader worth spotlighting.

Focus on the Process

In a recent appearance on DealMachine's Thought Leader Spotlight series, Chris Giannos, a notable figure in real estate and property technology, underscores the importance of focusing on the process rather than getting bogged down by immediate outcomes. His mantra: obsess over the output, not the outcome.

For those freshly stepping into the field, Giannos advises pouring energy into actions that build a strong foundation—like making an overwhelming number of phone calls to prospective buyers and sellers. It's about creating a storm of activity that signals Verizon might just check in out of worry for your phone's well-being.

The Power Behind the Success

So, what powers Giannos' achievements? He started young, hitting the ground running at Zillow at the tender age of 19. A journey fueled by personal challenges and the drive to succeed has seen him sell over $1.5 billion in real estate and turn around brokerages, reaching meteoric heights in transaction volumes. Alongside his ventures, Giannos co-founded—a platform aimed at revolutionizing the recruitment process for agents and teams, propelling brokerage growth.

Sales Philosophy and Empathy

"Make phone calls, talk to people that want to buy or sell real estate, and as a byproduct, you will do deals if you solve their problems adequately."

In sales, Giannos posits that empathy reigns supreme. It's not about hard sells or aggressive tactics. Instead, the most adept salespeople are those who listen and lead their clients to self-discovery, furnishing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. He ardently believes in maintaining one's moral compass while striving for success—a philosophy that resonates deeply within an industry vying for a higher trust quotient among consumers.

The Importance of Being Activity-Driven

Dedication to the tangible student of sales is evident as he describes putting in the reps. Success in sales, according to Giannos, is akin to a numbers game—focus on output, and in time, the outcome will surface. From relentless phone dialing to nurturing conversations with purpose, it's clear that being activity-driven in the beginnings can pave the way to eventual victories in real estate.

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Innovation in Recruitment with

However, Giannos isn't just about personal triumphs. His passion project, Humaniz, captures his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to empowering other industry players. Fashioned as a tool to aid in the rapid expansion of teams and brokerages, Humaniz grants users access to tailored job descriptions, qualifying funnels, and convenient interview scheduling. It's a manifestation of using technology to streamline what was once a grueling recruitment process, allowing for seamless integration of new agents.

Vision for a Successful Real Estate Team

For Giannos, the vision of a successful real estate team aggregates around three pillars: leads, training, and support. In 2024, with the real estate agent demographic shifting significantly, providing value that goes beyond aesthetic office spaces and generous splits is crucial.

Guidance for Real Estate Professionals

Budding and established agents alike could take a leaf out of Giannos' playbook. Whether it's honing a singular niche or weathering the initial storm of cold calls and client meetings, his encouragement to endure is punctuated by the belief that hard, honest work reaps its rewards in the world of real estate.

Connecting with Chris Giannos

For those looking to join the ranks of high-performing teams or simply seeking invaluable guidance on kickstarting or elevating a real estate journey, linking up with leaders like Giannos via his Instagram (@chris.giannos), or diving into Humanize might just be the stepping stones needed. Consistent output, ethical engagement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence are not just lofty ideals but practical advice from a figure who's lived them—leaders like Chris Giannos are indeed the luminaries shaping the future of real estate.

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