Navigating Real Estate Investment with Braden Lambros

Navigating Real Estate Investment with Braden Lambros

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Real estate investment can often feel like trying to find your footing in shifting sand, but for investors out there, the current market signals are clear: there's a sea change afoot.

With pressures such as inflation on the rise and savings dwindling, many sellers are feeling the heat, and in turn, opportunities are brewing for the astute investor. Let's dive in and explore these market dynamics, and maybe, figure out how you can clinch your next real deal, whether through traditional or creative routes.

Striking Gold in a Pressured Market

In our latest edition of the DealMachine Thought Leader Spotlight series, we welcomed on Braden Lambros— a visionary chief commercial officer at Empora Title. Braden, who also boasts an impressive track record as a real estate investor, developer, and even a healthcare tech aficionado, joined us to share his insights on how to thrive in the ever-evolving real estate world.

Braden's journey into real estate was sparked by a simple conviction: real estate is a potent vessel for capital investment. His first foray with a duplex taught him valuable lessons, particularly on the risks of over-investing in renovations and the wisdom of due diligence in underwriting properties.

But the fundamental lesson was about starting out and learning by doing, a principle he reiterates with an emphasis on the importance of taking that leap of faith into your first investment. As the conversation evolved, Braden shared pearls of wisdom on overcoming "analysis paralysis" and the imperative of taking action bolstered by advice and support from the investor community.

Leveraging Community and Experience

There is an immense value that comes from networking within the real estate community. New investors often hesitate at the brink of their first deal, but Braden advises that tapping into local events and forums can provide mentors and advisors who can guide you. In his words,

"There's a lot of people willing to give information and help other investors get started because everyone was in the same position, and the access now is so high."

And isn't that the beauty of today's interconnected world? Whether you're looking for a contractor or need a second opinion on a deal, a wealth of resources and generous advice is often just a meetup away.

Empora Title and the Quest for Clarity

As our conversation went deeper, Braden’s association with Empora Title turned into a focal point. Empora’s mission to disrupt the opaque title insurance industry resonated with Braden deeply, especially after his experiences dealing with various title companies left him yearning for more transparency.

Braden envisions a future where the last hundred meters of the property-buying race are as clear as the first. Empora is turning that vision into reality, utilizing technology to ensure that when it comes to closing on a property, you are in the loop every step of the way.

Market Conditions and Investor Opportunities

To keep our discussion grounded in reality, Braden brought data to the forefront, with a specific focus on affordability. The real estate market is ever changing and 2023 into 2024 was no exception. With purchasing a home in 2023 becoming the least affordable in over a decade and with many homeowners cozily locked into low mortgage rates and not eager to sell, the market's expectation is to adapt and look for fresh opportunities.

Here's where being data-driven and understanding local markets becomes crucial. Braden states,

"In terms of the macroeconomic's about affordability...But looking deeper into your market and understanding your market is more important than the bigger dynamic picture."

Braden suggests that while affordability is the headline, real estate remains a hyper-local game, making it essential for investors to drill down into the nuances of their specific markets.

Actions for Real Estate Investors in Any Market

So, what does this all mean for investors and newcomers eyeing the ever-dynamic real estate sector? The answer lies in the time-tested approach of buying right and solving problems. According to Braden, the best real estate deals are those that make sense now, not on speculated future values or interest rate fluctuations. And with the economic pressure mounting on many homeowners due to reduced savings and increased inflation, there's a growing inventory of opportunities ripe for the taking.

As we wrapped up our insightful chat, it was clear that Braden's storied involvement in real estate and technology, his strategic outlook on market conditions, and his success in scaling businesses lend considerable weight to his advice. For those looking to delve deeper or to work with Empora, Braden is just a tweet or a website click away.

Let's leave you with a fitting adage from Deion Sanders that Braden fondly cites: "Keep making plays." For the real estate investor, it's about staying in the game, adapting, and seizing the day—regardless of market weather.

Interested in connecting with Braden or learning more about Empora Title? Follow Braden on Twitter @BradenLambros.

Happy investing, and here's to your next successful real estate endeavor!

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