Skyrocket Your Direct Mail Response Rates with Handwritten Letters

Skyrocket Your Direct Mail Response Rates with Handwritten Letters

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Direct mail marketing has long been a staple in many businesses' advertising strategies, but with an increasingly digital world, the efficacy of traditional printed mail has waned. However, one company has found a way to revitalize direct mail by going back to basics: handwritten letters.

In this blog post, we'll explore how Ballpoint Marketing is changing the game with their unique approach to direct mail through handwritten letters, and why it's worth the investment for your business.

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What Sets Ballpoint Marketing Apart?

Ballpoint Marketing is a direct mail company that specializes in producing personalized, handwritten letters on behalf of their clients.

The company operates out of St. Louis, Missouri, and has grown significantly over the past three years, now boasting over 80 handwriting machines and 15 employees working 20 hours a day.

But what exactly makes their approach to direct mail so special? There are a few key factors:

  1. Real Penmanship: Unlike laser-printed mail, Ballpoint Marketing's letters are actually written with a pen by their handwriting machines. This makes the letters look and feel much more personal, as recipients can tell that they were not mass-produced.

  2. Creativity and Innovation: The company prides itself on designing fun, whimsical letters and envelopes that stand out from typical marketing mail. Their goal is to make the recipient curious and excited to open the letter, thus increasing the chances of a positive response.

  3. Exceptional Response Rates: Historically, Ballpoint Marketing has seen response rates of 1-1.5% for their first-class, handwritten letters – a significant increase compared to the 0.1% or less that traditional printed mail often garners.



Why Invest in Ballpoint Marketing?

While it's true that the cost of Ballpoint Marketing's handwritten letters is higher than that of traditional printed mail, the increased response rates can make it well worth the expense.

By spending more on direct mail, you're also likely to see a higher return on your investment through increased acquisitions and deals.

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