How a Teacher Turned a Real Estate Side Hustle Into a $7k Payday

How a Teacher Turned a Real Estate Side Hustle Into a $7k Payday

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Have you been tirelessly hunting for a promising real estate deal without luck? We often hear success stories that seem beyond our reach, but today I want to share an inspiring tale that reaffirms the mantra: perseverance pays off.

Ms. Derby's Story: From Classroom to Closing Deals

For some, the motivation to dive into real estate investing comes from the promise of financial freedom or the allure of clocking out from the rigid 9-5. This was the case for Ms. Derby, a dedicated teacher who served students with autism. While teaching filled her with joy, economic realities nudged her towards seeking alternative income sources.

The Struggle Is Real, So Are the Rewards

"Ten Xing your come in," a captivating phrase for those yearning to supersize their income, perfectly encapsulates Ms. Derby's journey. She spent eight months entrenched in the world of wholesaling, a real estate strategy synonymous with buzzwords like "ugly houses" and "motivated sellers." Then, just nine days after stumbling upon a jackpot source of such sellers, she not only found a deal but managed to flip it for $7,000, surpassing her teaching salary and allowing her to ditch her evening server job.

"It was not easy, but with hard work, dedication, and really learning the process, I was able to close my first deal." - Ms. Derby

The promise of wholesaling real estate is no fairy tale. It's a viable business model that has allowed countless individuals, like Ryan and Ms. Derby, to replace their day jobs with something that has the potential to offer more—in terms of both money and freedom.

Learning the Ropes: The Wholesaling Challenge

Imagine stepping into the wholesaling world with zero experience. That's where our guest's story begins. A 30-day wholesaling challenge marked the start of her adventure, leading to an impressive $8,500 on her first deal just two weeks in. As for Ms. Derby, her pivotal moment came from watching YouTube visionaries like Max Maxwell, who emphasized the power of locating motivated sellers through tools like DealMachine.

Escaping the Financial Squeeze

Picturing a teacher by day transforming into a server by night isn't a stretch for many educators struggling with the financial pinch. Ms. Derby lived this life, her passion for teaching weighed down by economic burdens demanding a nightly shift just to keep up with bills.

The Turning Point: Wholesaling Land

What if I told you that the trick isn't just finding any property, but rather focusing on a niche like vacant land? Ms. Derby cracked the code by leveraging her teaching acumen to learn wholesaling land—a less-traveled path in real estate investments, but one lined with the opportunity for lucrative deals.

"The first deal was vacant land, and that's what I'm doing now." It's a refreshing outlook from someone who once felt the grind of barely staying afloat.

The Method: Tapping into Tax Deed Actions

Every success story has a strategy behind it. For Ms. Derby, it was recognizing the potential in tax deed auctions, particularly those overflowing with land parcels ripe for the picking. By reaching out to owners flagged for upcoming auctions, she positioned herself as a direct link to developers looking to avoid the bidding wars.

Tips for Wholesaling Success

  1. Text Messaging: Choose your communication wisely. Texting, although regulated, remains an effective strategy when done right.
  2. Cold Calls & Mailers: Don't shy away from the traditional tactics—they still work. For an international audience, like landowners abroad, mailers can bridge the gap.
  3. Subscriptions, Software, and Compliance: Staying current with technology and legal bounds is crucial. For example, A2P (Application to Person) laws dictate how and when you can send marketing messages, so always keep your approach compliant.

From Struggling Teacher to 'Land Queen'

Transitioning from chasing paycheck to paycheck to collecting a staggering $103,000 finder's fee from a single land deal, Ms. Derby's success story leaves many in awe.

"I think a lot of wholesalers who come in hear from so many different gurus and people, but they just need to really hound in on one thing, right?"

It's a tale of triumph that turns the page from a dual life of teacher and server to a visionary real estate investor and developer, providing an affordable housing blueprint and illustrating that one niche move can change the game entirely.

Ready to lay claim to your own success story? Follow Ms. Derby's journey, underscore her strategies, and who knows? A wholesale deal might just be your next big win.

We hope this blog post has inspired you to explore the limitless possibilities of real estate investing. If you're eager to follow in Ms. Derby's footsteps, check out her “Landing the Deal” podcast and join the ranks of those who dared to dream and saw it materialize into a reality.

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