The Way 90% of Real Estate Investors Start with Anisa Crespo

The Way 90% of Real Estate Investors Start with Anisa Crespo

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Real estate investment can often seem like a domain reserved for those with deep pockets, but as Anisa Crespo demonstrates, there's an accessible gateway that's helping ordinary individuals break into the industry. Welcome to the realm of wholesale real estate, an entrepreneurial approach where the purchase of property isn't a prerequisite to profit. Today, we take a look at the remarkable journey of Anisa Crespo, who amassed $12,000 from her very first wholesaling deal.

Wholesaling: A Cash-infusing Real Estate Strategy

Anisa Crespo's wholesaling venture began with a simple, yet unconventional approach: tapping into social media channels. Unlike the typical real estate hubs filled with seasoned investors and fellow wholesalers, Anisa scoured Facebook groups synonymous with community activities—think Craigslist, buy and sell, and yard sale groups. It was here that she stumbled upon a tired landlord eager to relinquish his rental property.

This strategy wasn't born out of sheer happenstance but was a calculated move fueled by Anisa's assiduous research into the successes and methodologies of other investors via YouTube and TikTok.

Wholesaling, with its minimal overhead costs and the luxury of skipping property purchases, gleamed as an attractive path for Anisa. It offered the agility to swiftly move from deal to deal, constructing a robust foundation of cash without the long-term commitments or market fluctuations associated with owning real estate.

The Intricacies of Wholesaling

Anisa's strategy might sound deceptively simple, but it springs from a deep well of patience and keen negotiation skills. Engaging with dozens of potential sellers, only a fraction of whom can be deemed 'motivated', is part of the course. Anisa has honed the art of gently guiding these sellers to a meeting point on price.

"Approaching the conversation equipped with solid comps and a clear rationale behind your offer is paramount," Anisa remarks, emphasizing the importance of preparation and timing.

Indeed, this preparation equipped her to eventually secure that lucrative $12,000 deal.

The Networking Nuances of Finding Cash Buyers

When it comes to finding cash buyers, Anisa employs a variety of tactics, from leveraging social media groups to cultivating lists of potential investors with specific criteria. These include individuals who have bought properties in cash within a particular zip code and maintain ownership of multiple homes.

"The key is constant outreach and rapport building," Anisa explains, "understanding what the buyers are looking for and how you can tailor your services to meet their needs."

These efforts shape a pipeline of deals tailored to the preferences of the cash buyers, reinforcing the necessity of ongoing initiative in her networking endeavors.

Future Aspirations and Strategies

Looking ahead to 2024, Anisa aspires to scale her business further, with a keen eye on multi-family units on both the buying and wholesaling fronts. Each deal presents an opportunity to choose between fixing and flipping or wholesaling. For Anisa, the decision squarely rests on the numbers and potential return on investment.

"It's a matter of asking 'how can I make this purchase work?' rather than 'can I afford it?'" shares Anisa, describing the proactive mindset that guided her to shift strategies on a recent project.

Embracing Wholesaling and Carving Your Path

Those seeking financial freedom and an exit from the traditional workforce might find their path through the wholesaling avenue. For questions or guidance, Anisa is a testament to the supportive network within the DealMachine community, ever willing to lend her expertise to newcomers.


Anisa Crespo's wholesaling success is more than a narrative of quick earnings; it's a testament to the power of resourcefulness, continuous learning, and strategic networking in the real estate market. For those contemplating this venture, take a leaf out of Anisa's book: start small, leverage the tools at your disposal, and never underestimate the potential of a well-negotiated deal.

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