Unveiling the Future of DealMachine: Dive into Our Beta Features

Unveiling the Future of DealMachine: Dive into Our Beta Features

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We're thrilled to announce that DealMachine is evolving with a fresh set of features and updates that we believe will take your experience to the next level. Before we unveil everything to our broader audience, we're initiating a beta phase for these updates, which are now available on desktop.

Beta Release Timeline:

  • Duration: The beta will last for approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • Full Release: We're targeting an official launch in early November.
  • For New Users: If you sign up during the beta phase, you'll get access to this new version by default.
  • For Existing Users: To experience the new version, please look for the opt-in button located on the map on the Web version.


Highlighting the Major Changes:

1. Integrating List Builder into Map:

  • List Builder will now reside within the "Map" feature, which was formerly known as the "Drive" menu.
  • This integration provides a streamlined, all-in-one experience, eliminating the need to switch between pages.
  • With List Builder now on the map, the separate "Highlights" functionality becomes redundant. This means an even more unified user experience.
  • Building a list is easy. Users can:
    • Draw on the map.
    • Search the current viewing area.
    • Add specific locations like cities, counties, or zip codes.
    • Apply combinations of filters.
  • Once ready, just select "Build List" to finalize.


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2. Introduction of “List View”:

  • A brand-new "list view" allows users to swiftly scroll through leads in their area. Plus, preview lists before even building them.
  • Features:
    • A quick add “+” button on each lead for direct CRM additions.
    • Sortability by various criteria such as sale date, estimated value, and more.
    • The list displays properties that match user-set filters and are within the specified search area.
    • Cities and counties can now be clubbed together in a single list.
  • Mobile Experience: Use a slide-up gesture to access and browse the list view.



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3. Enhanced Quick Filters:

  • We're introducing several new quick filters:
    • Free and Clear: 100% equity with no liens.
    • Tax Delinquent: Behind on last year's taxes.
    • High Equity: 60% or more equity.
    • Low Equity: 20% or less equity.
    • MLS Active: Currently up for sale.
    • MLS Pending & Contingent: Accepted contracts, with or without contingencies.
    • Recently Sold: Properties sold in the past 12 months.
  • Users can combine these quick filters using the "Match All" button.
  • Regular filters have been revamped to correlate with the lead card, making almost every lead card detail filterable.



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4. Mobile UI Revamp:

  • As we integrated List Builder into the map, we ensured that the mobile Driving for Dollars (D4D) experience remains top-notch.
  • Changes include:
    • Removal of non-essential buttons to maximize map viewing area.
    • A snappable list view at the bottom of the screen.
    • Efficient utilization of space, combining highlights and List Builder seamlessly.






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