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What Do I Say on the Phone When a Seller Calls Me? (PART 2)

What Do I Say on the Phone When a Seller Calls Me? (PART 2)

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Communication is key to closing any deal or starting one for that matter. My friend Beau, who also invests in real estate and is a DealMachine user himself, gave me some more great advice to share with you guys on what to say when a seller calls.

Be Open and Transparent

Beau believes that being honest and see-through from the get-go is the way to ensure good communication between you and a seller. “We would get to properties and there would be confusion,” he tells me. “So we just started being really open about what we’re doing and why we’re at the property.”

Beau also makes it clear upfront about who he is: “I’m a professional homebuyer.” He’s also adamant about telling the seller how the process will work, from him arriving at the property to the moment he buys the house. “We buy properties for cash and we close quick.”

Be Prepared

While talking to a seller, Beau also believes it great to be prepared. This means knowing how your business model works, through and through, and being able to answer the sellers' questions honestly and thoroughly. Let them know things like you intend to buy the home upfront if you’re pleased with it, you’ll help the seller with paperwork, and other bits of information to make their minds at ease.

Following Beau’s open and transparent model will help you seal the deal, while also making sure the buyer goes away feeling confident in their decision. Watch the video below to see our full conversation and don’t forget to visit our website to start your 14-day free trial, afterwards.

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