Why You Should Use Video to Showcase Your Properties

Why You Should Use Video to Showcase Your Properties

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For modern cash buyers, seeing truly is believing. When buyers are in the market for a new purchase, visual confirmation of any kind gives them peace of mind that the potential investment is worth the price.

It's no wonder a HubSpot study found that 81% of companies rely on video. Nor should it be a surprise that the Aberdeen Group found that companies using video experienced a 49% bump in revenue. These findings illustrate that people enjoy getting entertainment, ideas, and education from engaging video sources.

If you’re wholesaling properties, video is a valuable resource that can help you achieve all three of those objectives for prospective buyers. Add video to your property's marketing tool kit to cultivate buyers who are engaged, educated, and primed to act. Check out these interior and exterior clips to see how it's done.

Lights, Camera, Action!

In real estate, video walkthroughs make sense for a variety of reasons. First off, people respond positively to them. Per HubSpot, 72% of consumers use videos to guide their buying decisions.

When you take viewers on a digital tour of an investment property, you’re building trust. Photos can be edited and doctored, which is why a raw video gives investors peace of mind that they know exactly what they're buying.

On top of that, videos give customers insight into your personality, decision-making, and priorities. And as you add more videos to your YouTube channel, viewers will understand the sort of properties you offer and have previously sold.

Showing instead of telling builds rapport with customers and distinguishes you from the typical sales pitch. Video can tell effective stories that give potential customers a full view of what they're potentially purchasing. Explore how to create the best real estate investor marketing plan.

How to Craft a Top-Notch Property Video

New to the idea of making videos? Here are a few tips to ensure you're properly documenting your properties to attract potential dealmakers.

1. Get approval to advertise. Before you hit the “record” button, make sure you are legally able to film on someone’s property. I suggest adding a line to your standard purchase agreement that says you can place signs and show the property while it’s under contract. This legally allows you to publish videos and stills even if the owner is still living there.

2. Don't invest in fancy equipment. You aren’t filming a Netflix special. Your smartphone will be good enough to document your walkthrough. As for a script, just speak when it makes sense. Narrate the experience as a way to explain what viewers are seeing. For instance, you could point out something your audience members might find interesting, such as the way the natural light flows through the space. Focus on being believable and authentic.

3. Set up a homepage. Dedicate a YouTube channel to your brand so buyers can subscribe and see your current and past properties. Over time, you’ll develop a distinct style that viewers will identify with your brand. By the time they interact with you, they’ll feel like you’re already a colleague or friend.

4. Don't mention changeable numbers. It’s fine to talk about the selling price of your property or to mention how much rental income is expected. However, avoid providing any hard numbers on things like repairs. You don’t need to know how much it will cost to fix something — your investor will be able to figure that out. Be more of a tour guide, allowing viewers to come up with their own repair figures.

5. Show what sets you apart. Forget about being too uptight and professional if that’s not your style. This is your chance to be who you truly are. The more down-to-earth you sound in your videos, the more repeat viewers — and buyers — you’re apt to attract.

6. Keep taking still images. While videos are great, you'll still want to take plenty of still photos. Some investors prefer static images — and some aren't in a position to watch videos regularly. Photos can augment your video offerings by showing greater detail of items such as floors, molding, and more. Offer investors still photos along with your video content for variety and choice.

You’re going to walk through your properties anyway, so why not pull out your phone and start filming? In the long run, you’ll see a difference in the partnerships and the money you make.

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