5 Things to Get A Real Estate Wholesaler for the Holidays

5 Things to Get A Real Estate Wholesaler for the Holidays

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Part of the stress of holiday shopping is having to figure out what to get people. Sure, it’d be nice to be able to walk into a store, pick up the perfect gift, and get out of there without spending an hour in the store thinking about it. But we all know that with some of our friends and family, it’s not that easy…

If you’re shopping for the real estate wholesaler in your life, I have good news! We’ve put together a solid list of 5 no-brainer gifts for real estate investors, guaranteed to help them along on their journey. Or maybe you’re that person, in which case this is a great list to send off to Grandma when she asks what you want from Santa this year.

A lot of these gifts have amazing uses for building leads with Driving for Dollars, so if you’re unfamiliar with that then I suggest doing a quick Google search (or you can read about it here). Now let’s dive in!


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

If I had a nickel for every investor who told me their journey started with this book… We’re looking at a lot of nickels. This is a staple in the real estate industry, and I’ve personally heard many accounts from investors about how this book was the catalyst that set them on the pathway to financial freedom. It’s a book that has the power to fundamentally change how you think about money as a concept.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How rich people utilize their money to grow even more money
  • Acquiring assets vs. liabilities
  • How anybody can shift their thinking to unlock wealth even without having a high income

It’s financial literacy and mindset coaching, woven into a highly relatable story of two different fathers with two very different perspectives of money and the real-world results of both. It demonstrates the power of real estate investing as a method of building wealth.

This is a great gift if you’re looking to inspire someone interested in real estate and get them pumped to dive in. However, if they’ve already started investing, there’s a good chance they’ve already read Rich Dad Poor Dad. (You could casually mention the book and see what they say!) If they haven’t, you should 100% buy it for them. Be wary though, because they’ll never be the same after reading it.


2. Reflective Vest

Next on the list is a bright green neon reflective vest... And while that may seem like an odd gift to give, it can be very useful for people who are planning on driving around neighborhoods looking for properties. Allow me to explain.

Driving for Dollars is an extremely popular way of building leads in a real estate business. And it’s completely legal to prospect for leads in person as an investor. However, driving around in a neighborhood and taking pictures of houses is likely to raise some questions from time to time. 

A neon vest helps people know that the investor is there for business. Wearing one is like a big sign that says “I’m not up to anything sketchy.” Aside from that, there’s the obvious application of being more visible on the street, which could be smart to have on when getting in and out of your car to take pictures (note here that you could just stay seated in your car, some leads are a little harder to photograph though).

This is a great gift for someone who could use the extra push to get into their car and start finding leads, as this type of gear can lend itself to peace of mind as a driver. It’d be a crucial part of the Driving for Dollars “uniform” if there was such a thing. 


3. Phone Holder for the Car

My favorite gifts are always the ones that I get the most use out of, and in terms of daily utility, this one has to be near the top of the list. The benefits are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re driving around looking at houses using a Driving for Dollars app (more on that later!) you’re going to need quick and easy access to your phone. And not just for convenience – it’s also safer to have your phone in a handy spot. Not to mention it makes using the GPS miles easier, as your phone can be in your line of sight and not sitting in your lap.

This is an amazing gift for someone you know who is likely to spend a lot of time in their car. Driving for Dollars is pretty fun, especially once you start landing deals from it. And aside from the convenience/safety factor, this gift lends itself to efficiency and speed when out in the field. 

Pro tip: get a phone holder that allows you to easily get the phone off and back on using only one hand. It kind of defeats the convenience if you have to use two hands to get your phone back on the holder. One super useful option is to get a magnetic phone holder that pairs with a phone case – I have one of those in my car and I love it.


4. Magnetic Car Decals

Remember when I said the neon vest was like a big sign? Well, this one actually is a big sign. And while a vest may be an unspoken way of communicating credibility, having a magnetic decal with your business information on it is an even better way of conveying the same message.

Follow me here, picture an unmarked car driving around in your neighborhood taking pictures of houses. Now, picture a car driving around with a big magnetic sign that says “We Buy Houses” with contact information listed below, and the driver is wearing a neon vest. Get the picture?

WeBuyHouses Magnetic Car Decal

Another huge bonus to this gift is that it’s like a moving advertisement, so everywhere they go they’re telling people what they do and how to get in touch. This gift could quite literally open up a new avenue of business for them. Plus, you can remove and replace these decals easily, making it a reusable form of marketing that they could choose to implement at any point without any extra cost.

This is a perfect gift for someone who you feel would enjoy the credibility boost that it would bring. And with the double function as a giant business card that will be seen by hundreds of people on the road on a given day, this one is a true “no-brainer” in my book. 

My advice is to find a way to coordinate with your real estate investor relative (or someone close to them if you want to keep it a secret) to get the proper contact information, business logos, and a good design. Or you could set up a way for them to put it together themselves! It’s a simple project to get their marketing juices flowing, which is a crucial skill they’ll need in their business. Time to get creative!


5. DealMachine

The final item on our list of gifts that will tee up your loved one for real estate success is a powerful real estate investing app called DealMachine. Yep, that’s us! It might seem pretentious to include ourselves on this list, but this isn’t just any app. Let’s break it down a bit.

Real estate investors need a consistent flow of high-quality leads combined with steady outgoing marketing to the properties, and when those 2 pieces are flowing it’s really only a matter of time before you start closing deals. With DealMachine, both of these components are not only simple but FAST. 

You start by adding leads from driving for dollars (in your car or virtually) or by building your own custom lists in any market. You can then track down owner information and send postcards, call, or text them within seconds. All of this can be done right from your phone or desktop, and yes, it’s as simple as it sounds.

That really only scratches the surface of what our app is capable of, and this is a tool that we’ve seen transform countless lives. But believe me, you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the chart below to see how our reviews compare to our biggest competitors.


Comparison Chart of DealMachine Reviews Versus Their Competitors



If you're interested in getting DealMachine for your loved one this holiday season, click the button below. 


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Wrapping Up


That does it for our list! By now you should feel confident about your gift choice for the real estate investor you love. You’re in a unique position to give a gift that could truly have an impact on their lives (or your own if you’re putting this stuff on your Christmas list).

Hopefully when it’s time for Christmas shopping this list prevents you from standing in the aisles and rubbing your chin, trying to decide between that gift box of cologne samples or Christmas socks for the 4th year in a row. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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