5 Ways To Motivate Your DealFinders (And Skip The

5 Ways To Motivate Your DealFinders (And Skip The "Churn & Burn" Way Of Hiring)

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Something I hear from investors all the time is “How do I keep my Deal Finders motivated? They always quit out of nowhere and I’m back at square one.”

The most successful real estate investors are doing one or all of these 5 tasks below to build teams of reliable deal finders who are loyal and happy to stick around for the long haul.

So how can you get yours to do the same?

5 Ways To Motivate Your DealFinders

1. Build a personal relationship with your Deal Finders! Get to know them as a person and schedule regular check-ins.

They’ll work harder if they feel that you care about them, because they don't get that personal level in other driving jobs like Uber or InstaCart.

2. A little swag goes a long way! Even a branded t-shirt or hat helps them feel like part of your team. Or something driving for dollars related like a phone stand for their car, or a travel coffee mug.

3. Consider implementing a bonus structure.

Reaching mini-goals can be extremely motivating, such as getting their first 100 properties,        learning to effectively use DealMachine's real estate wholesaling software to track properties, or celebrating their longest driving streak.

4. Encourage them to understand what you do! Direct them not only to your own social media if you post about your business, but send them interesting DealMachine videos from our YouTube channel, and take the time to teach them how to get the most out of the best free CRM for real estate tool!

5. Pay them in a way that keeps them excited to find you new leads everyday! Here are 3 Different Payment Structures that work well for David, CEO of DealMachine.


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