A Guide to Automated Mail Sequences with DealMachine

A Guide to Automated Mail Sequences with DealMachine

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In the competitive world of real estate investing, staying ahead often comes down to the strategic use of available tools. DealMachine, a robust platform designed to assist investors in scaling their businesses, offers a powerful feature: automated mail marketing. This nifty feature enables investors to not just send out mailers, but to also customize and sequence their entire mail campaign, targeting potential sellers with precision and increasing the likelihood of clinching more deals.

The Power of Customization

DealMachine's mail sequences are not about sending the same, monotonous postcard repeatedly. They are about customization, an essential feature allowing users to tailor their messaging for every potential seller. Whether it's targeting the Detroit area as a local investor or distinguishing between owner-occupied and absentee owners, the specific vernacular caters to each scenario—making every communication resonant and personal.

Setting Up Your Mail Sequence

Once logged into DealMachine, navigating to the 'Mail' tab and clicking on 'Mail Center' unveils the dashboard that reflects outgoing mail, its schedule, and estimated monthly spending. The focus, however, is on crafting the mail sequences.

Starting a new sequence is as simple as clicking 'New Mail Sequence.' Users have the freedom to utilize pre-existing templates and tweak them to fit their needs. It's recommended to view instructional content available within DealMachine for guidance on customizing these templates.

Each piece in a mail sequence is a chance to evoke a response. Therefore, it's a practice in variety, testing, and adjusting. Users can title their sequences—let’s say 'Detroit Market' for specificity—and then customize the messaging based on the property owner's occupancy status.

Crafting Each Step

Each step in a sequence corresponds to a unique postcard. The platform's interface allows users to preview the postcard, understand its appeal, and set the frequency of its dispatch. Default intervals are every 21 days, a balance that avoids overwhelming recipients and helps predict mailing costs. Flexibility is key; the intervals and designs are fluid, allowing users to adjust per their strategies.

Diversifying mail pieces within the sequence can potentially strike a chord with the property owner. Whether it’s a personalized image or a reminder of lawn maintenance in the spring, each piece addresses a unique angle or pain point that may prompt a response from the recipient.


Automating the Process

After crafting the sequence, setting it into motion is a critical step. Users can apply sequences to selected lists of leads with an overview of active leads, paused, completed, and the creation date of each sequence. Selecting the appropriate sequence for a list is effortless, providing estimated costs for complete campaign execution upfront.

Fine-tuning Your Strategy

DealMachine advocates for consistency in mail marketing. A sequence should ideally consist of 5 to 7 steps, as repeated touchpoints often build the trust or trigger the response necessary to close a deal. Whether a user is cold calling or mail marketing, persistence in efforts is the mantra for success in unlocking more deals.

Leveraging Automated Mail Sequences

The automation of mail sequences is a game-changer. It relieves investors from the manual labor of tracking and sending individual postcards, allowing them to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Moreover, the platform offers actionable intelligence based on the performance of specific mail pieces, enabling investors to optimize their campaigns for better results continually.

Consistency: The Bedrock of Successful Campaigns

Real estate professionals understand that the touchstone of marketing success, especially in direct mail campaigns, is consistency. This cornerstone concept resonates throughout DealMachine’s platform, with a specialization in fostering persistent outreach that increases visibility and maintains a presence in a homeowner's mind.


For the ambitious real estate investor, DealMachine's automated mail sequences provide a strategic advantage—a blend of technology and personal touch that can tip the scales in their favor. With easier tracking, a range of templates, and an emphasis on personalization, the platform stands as an essential tool for those set on growth and efficiency. By leveraging these sequences wisely and remaining steadfast in their marketing efforts, investors can anticipate not just an increase in deals but also the growth of a robust, responsive, and lucrative real estate portfolio.

If you're eager to dive deeper into real estate investing or want to learn more about using DealMachine’s features to their full potential, continue exploring our resources. Happy dealfinding, and remember—consistency is the key unlocks the door to real estate investing success.

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