Abandoned Houses: Detroit Neighbors Having a Halloween Decoration Competition

Abandoned Houses: Detroit Neighbors Having a Halloween Decoration Competition

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This picture of two abandoned houses went viral on the internet today.

One of the things I noticed in the comments was that many people from Detroit are proud of their city and said things like: “Of course Detroit has run down areas, we’ve all seen that, but it also has really nice areas that nobody shows.” and “Detroit is huge. There are bad parts but there are also lots of good parts. It’s on its way to making a comeback.”

Also, there was this top comment: “Derelict houses always make me sad. Think of the lives that started there. 1st steps, Christmas mornings, “the talk” Or picking your HS crush up there. Memories that mean so much, now just a wasted pile of old rubble waiting to be razed.”

While I am not from Detroit, I totally get the love people have for their city.

I believe as real estate investors we are responsible for preserving homes and the memories in them, and helping people escape terrible situations that lead to their abandoned houses looking like Halloween decorations. We do this all while earning our own freedom to quit our jobs, spend more time with family, mastering a craft/skill, traveling, etc. The list goes on 🙂

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