From Landscaper to Real Estate Mogul: Al Perez's Journey

From Landscaper to Real Estate Mogul: Al Perez's Journey

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We bring you the captivating story of Al Perez, a former landscaper who transformed his life by diving into the world of real estate investing. So are you ready to to quit your nine-to-five job and pursue financial freedom through real estate?

Al went from earning $30,000 - $40,000 per year in landscaping to making over $400,000 per year in real estate deals. He now owns over $100 million in assets!

If you want to be motivated to take control of your finances, tune into Al's journey in this blog post.

Al's Background Before Real Estate

Al got his start in real estate 12 years ago while working for a lawn care company doing door-to-door sales. A friend of his owned a Rolex watch, so Al asked how he could afford such a luxury on their modest salaries.

His friend revealed that he earned extra money through real estate and offered to teach Al if he could come up with $40,000 - $50,000 in cash. This inspired Al to start a landscaping side business on weekends, trimming bushes and doing odd jobs.

"It took me about a year. I started a little landscaping business on the side, just on the weekends, trimming bushes and doing whatever I can to scrounge up some extra cash."


After a year, Al saved up $50,000 - $60,000 and excitedly approached his friend to learn the real estate business. They found a small $50,000 property, rehabbed it, and split the profits 50/50 - and Al was hooked!

Ramping Up The Side Hustle

Al was amazed he earned so much landscaping on top of his full-time job. Turns out, pruning trees and bushes was very lucrative, earning $300 - $400 per job. Through word-of-mouth referrals, his side business took off.

"It was kind of word of mouth. It kind of fell on my lap because it was doing door to door sales for triggering, and we only treated the lawn and we sprayed the bushes for like insects and stuff, but we didn't do any trimming."


Juggling landscaping after work and on weekends, Al's hustle earned him an extra $40,000 - $60,000 per year. This gave him the capital to start investing in real estate by flipping houses.

Transitioning To Full-Time Real Estate Investing

For several years, Al slowly built up his side real estate business while keeping his 9-5 software sales job. He found deals during his lunch break and viewed homes after work using a flashlight!

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Once he consistently flipped 25-30 houses per year, Al knew it was time to go all in. He was making 2X his software salary from real estate, so with some private funding secured, he quit his job.

"I realized, you know what? I'm making a few hundred thousand dollars. Like, what am I doing at this job making 150 grand a year when I'm making twice that on the side?"


Immediately, Al ramped up to 100 flips per year utilizing private money loans. He transitioned to real estate wholesaling and wholesaled over 100 properties in 2022 when flipping became riskier. Now he focuses on buying apartment complexes, accumulating over 500 rental units per year.

Key Takeaways:

Al's story teaches us that with consistent hustle and smart investing, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary success in real estate. You can start a side hustle to earn capital for your first real estate deal, or wholesale real estate. If you are hesitant to get started, slowly build up your business before taking a leap into it full-time.

Also, while it is good to pick a strategy and stay consistent with it, make sure you are flexible and willing to switch strategies as the market changes if needed. Next, while you'll make money more quickly with wholesaling or flipping, buying rental properties will set you up in the future to build long-term passive income.

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