How Alec Escaped His Dead-End Job with Wholesale Real Estate

How Alec Escaped His Dead-End Job with Wholesale Real Estate

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Feeling trapped in the monotony of an unfulfilling job is a universal experience many can relate to. It's that dull throb in your daily routine signaling the absence of passion and the craving for something that sets your soul on fire.

For Alec Hawthorne, that something manifested as an entrepreneurial escape — a journey out of the despair of dead-end jobs, into the exhilarating realm of real estate wholesaling. He's the exemplary figure for anyone with an ember of ambition, ready to kindle it into a blaze of success.

The Initial Spark

Our featured guest, Alec Hawthorne, dabbled in everything conceivable to make ends meet. His gigs ranged from selling cars to peddling tires and even delivering DoorDash orders. It was hustle after hustle in a relentless chase to trade time for money. But as the weariness set in, Alec felt the all-too-familiar ache for more — a life richer in both meaning and wealth.

Alec's Wholesaling Journey

Alec's venture into wholesaling real estate began in 2019, and the trajectory since has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting with no background in sales or marketing, Alec's introduction to wholesaling was akin to a fish discovering water. Energized by the concept, he dove headfirst, employing the DealMachine app to scout for distressed properties that were ripe for investment by driving for dollars — an endeavor that required him to 'tag' nearly 100 houses daily.

The First Big Win and the Challenges Along the Way

Alec's breakthrough — the first $5,000 deal — arrived after three months of potent determination. Together with his father, they leveraged their discovery into a deal that most aspirants only dream about. Yet, the journey was not without its trials. The initial success brought with it a common pitfall, the 'shiny object syndrome', leading them to stray from their proven methods and face a harrowing six-month drought before closing another deal.

The Power of Networking and Nurturing Skills

As life tends to do, it threw Alec another curveball — an unexpected child on the way. This impelled him to pivot towards a more stable opportunity, which came in the form of collaboration with Philip Villegas, a previous guest who had successfully leveraged wholesaling real estate for substantial gains.

Together, they conquered the real estate market, and Alec's growth morphed from that of a lone wolf to a member of a pack — a 'wholesaler mafia', if you will, based in Austin, Texas. This synergy enabled him to further refine his skill set, from crunching numbers to deriving repair estimates and securing more wins.

Fueling Growth through Agent Outreach

Fast forward to the present, and Alec's model for success hinges on what's known as agent outreach. His method is simple yet effective: connect with real estate agents, express his intent to buy distressed properties, and position himself as a reliable cash buyer, ready to clinch deals before they even hit the market.

This forward-thinking strategy, coupled with the clever use of tools Alec is averaging an impressive four deals a month. It's a testament to his evolution from a struggling job-hopper to a strategic real estate entrepreneur who's mastered the art of exploiting valuable connections and technology to stay ahead.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."-Walt Disney

Lessons and Looking Ahead

His experiences distill into valuable lessons for anyone yearning to trade the safety of familiarity for the fortunes of risk-taking. Alec's narrative underscores the essence of tenacity, the willingness to adapt, and the importance of single-minded focus.

As Alec reflects on his journey, his sights are set firmly on amplifying his triumphs. The goal is clear: build a robust team capable of surpassing even his solo successes. It's not just about closing deal after deal; it's about creating a foundation robust enough to withstand the ebbs and flows of the market and life's unpredictable demands.


Through Alec's story, we're reminded that life, much like real estate, is a series of negotiations. Sometimes, you have to assess the risk, roll the dice, and bet on yourself. His drive and innovation are a clarion call to those hungering for change, urging us to muster the courage to pivot our paths.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and with the right mindset and tools, your first deal may be just around the corner.

Exploring a world beyond the confines of a nine-to-five, Alec's story bears testimony to the liberating power of entrepreneurship. And as for the car dealership, tire shop, and food stalls of his past? They're replaced now by the purr of a Porsche engine — a fitting roar to mark the journey of someone who dared to dream and dared to do.

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