Find Any Owner with DealMachine's Private Investigator Tool

Find Any Owner with DealMachine's Private Investigator Tool

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In the competitive realm of real estate investment, every lead is a step toward potential success. However, a common stumbling block for investors is the challenge of incomplete data returned during the skip tracing process—a pervasive issue across skip tracing services that can halt the progress of even the most promising deals. DealMachine's Private Investigator (PI) Tool emerges as a pioneering solution, specifically designed to confront and overcome this obstacle.

Tackling the Skip Tracing Challenge

Skip tracing, the process of locating the contact information of property owners, is crucial for investors looking to make direct contact. Yet, the reality is that many platforms often return incomplete or ambiguous data, leaving investors at a standstill. Recognizing this widespread issue, DealMachine has innovated a unique approach through the PI Tool, enabling investors to delve deeper and unearth the precise owner information needed to advance their investment opportunities.

The PI Tool Advantage

What sets the PI Tool apart is its ability to empower DealMachine users to "investigate" leads with previously incomplete owner information. This functionality is not just an incremental improvement but a significant leap forward in skip tracing technology. By leveraging an extensive database and sophisticated matching algorithms, the PI Tool offers users a direct pathway to finding the rightful property owners.

How It Works

For any lead listed in DealMachine that lacks full owner details, the PI Tool provides a straightforward mechanism to bridge this gap. It sifts through a vast array of data points, prioritizing potential matches based on a set of criteria designed to maximize the likelihood of accurate identification. This not only streamlines the search process but significantly increases the chances of converting leads into actionable investment opportunities.


Accessing the PI Tool in DealMachine

The PI Tool is seamlessly integrated into the DealMachine platform, making it straightforward for users to access and leverage its capabilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Step 1: Identify Incomplete Leads

As you navigate through your DealMachine dashboard, identify leads that lack complete owner information. These are your starting points for employing the PI Tool’s capabilities. Incomplete leads typically display a distinct icon indicating missing details—a prompt for further investigation.

Step 2: Initiate the People Search

Next to the owner's name, you'll find an icon symbolizing the PI Tool—a person with a magnifying glass. Clicking this icon launches the "Open People Search" feature, your gateway to diving deeper into finding the elusive owner information.

Step 3: Sift Through Potential Matches

Upon initiating the search, DealMachine presents you with a list of individuals matching the owner's name from county records, spanning across the United States. These names are intelligently ordered to highlight the most likely matches first, leveraging the platform's sophisticated data analysis algorithms. This prioritization aids in efficiently narrowing down the search to the most promising leads.

Beyond Simple Skip Tracing

The PI Tool does more than just fill in missing information; it redefines the skip tracing process. By incorporating the tool into their workflow, investors can:

  • Reduce Time Wasted: Minimize hours spent chasing uncertain leads with a higher success rate in identifying owner information.
  • Increase Deal Flow: With more accurate data, investors can approach negotiations more confidently, leading to a higher conversion rate of leads into deals.
  • Maximize Investment Returns: By focusing on high-quality leads, investors ensure their resources are invested wisely, enhancing overall portfolio performance.

Embracing the Future of Real Estate Investing

The introduction of the PI Tool by DealMachine is a testament to the platform's commitment to addressing the real-world challenges faced by real estate investors. By providing a solution to the pervasive issue of incomplete data in skip tracing, DealMachine not only enhances the efficiency of the investment process but also contributes to a more robust and accessible real estate market.


As the real estate investment landscape evolves, tools like the Private Investigator Tool by DealMachine play a pivotal role in ensuring investors can navigate the complexities of the market with confidence. By addressing the critical pain point of incomplete data head-on, the PI Tool stands out as an indispensable asset for investors aiming to elevate their game and achieve unmatched success in their real estate endeavors.

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