Finding Deal Flow as a First-time Real Estate Wholesaler in a Competitive Market

Finding Deal Flow as a First-time Real Estate Wholesaler in a Competitive Market

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Pallie, a custodian in Miami, found himself drawn to the idea of wholesale real estate after coming across real estate investing content online. The allure of financial independence and being one's own boss appealed to him and he decided to pursue wholesaling as a side hustle alongside his day job.

However, after three months of efforts without landing a deal, Pallie began to feel frustrated and stuck. He initially focused his efforts in the Miami area but found the market quite expensive and competitive. Thinking a change of scenery might improve his chances, Pallie started reaching out to motivated sellers in markets across the country - from Texas to California.

Reevaluation of Strategy

Unfortunately, this spray-and-pray approach yielded no better results. By spreading himself too thin across distant markets, Pallie struggled to gain traction and momentum in any single area.

Experienced investor David Lecko provides Pallie with some sage advice: focus your efforts intensely on one market rather than casting such a wide net. Become an expert on everything from property values to seller motivations in that area. Consistency is key - you need to be making hundreds or thousands of cold calls per month to build a solid pipeline of deals.

The Importance of Focused Market Effort

Intensively focusing on one market is crucial for success in real estate wholesaling. Concentrating efforts in a single location enables wholesalers to develop a deeper understanding of local property values, seller motivations, and market dynamics. This targeted approach allows for more personalized and effective outreach, enhancing the potential for building a strong connection with sellers.

Rather than constantly changing course, Lecko urges Pallie to commit fully to understanding the dynamics of one local market, even if it seems saturated on the surface. By optimizing his outreach process and refining his pitch, Pallie can push through the initial discomfort phase towards deal momentum.

Overcoming Psychological Barriers

Lecko acknowledges wholesaling can be daunting for newcomers like Pallie. Self-doubt and fear of rejection are common pitfalls. However, through dedicated preparation and perseverant outreach, Pallie can turn the corner towards his first successful deal.


"Consistent Outreach and the Learning Curve"

A key strategy for breakthrough in competitive markets is maintaining consistent outreach. Making a high volume of cold calls, especially to distressed properties or tax-delinquent homeowners, significantly increases the likelihood of securing deals. This consistent practice not only builds familiarity with the sales process but also helps overcome the initial fear and hesitation that often challenge new wholesalers.

Simplicity is Key

The key takeaway Lecko wants to impart is embracing simplicity rather than getting overwhelmed by complexity. At Pallie's stage, he doesn't need fancy softwares or multifaceted strategies. What will work is picking up the phone and cold calling distressed sellers day in, day out.

Lecko's closing recommendation is for Pallie to dedicate five focused hours that coming weekend solely to cold calling. He emphasizes the need to concentrate efforts in areas where there are inherent motivations, like tax delinquency. The goal is for Pallie to become fluent in calculating repair estimates and ARVs so he can confidently formulate offers when the opportunities arise.


In wholesaling, it's not an "if" deals will happen but a "when" with enough persistent and targeted outreach. By specializing in a single market, both financially and psychologically, Pallie can break through the self-limiting beliefs holding him back from tangible results. The path forward requires letting go of quick fixes and embracing the personal growth journey.

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