How to Decide the Best Business for You: Insights from a Wholesaling Real Estate Expert

How to Decide the Best Business for You: Insights from a Wholesaling Real Estate Expert

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Navigating the maze of business opportunities to transition from a 9-to-5 job to financial independence can be daunting. Many individuals delve into various ventures only to circle back to real estate investing, particularly wholesale real estate.

This blog post draws on insights from an episode of the DealMachine REI podcast featuring a successful real estate wholesaler who has explored multiple business avenues before finding his niche.

Overcoming the Overwhelm of Business Opportunities

Finding the right business opportunity can be overwhelming, especially when considering the numerous investment strategies available. Our podcast guest, Michael, shared his journey through five different ventures before settling on wholesaling real estate. If you haven't heard of wholesaling, it involves finding run-down houses and assigning them to cash-ready investors for a profit – a method our co-host, Ryan, has mastered with 425 deals since quitting his job in 2019.

"The one thing that drove me to get out of the 9-to-5 was the inconsistency in pay structure." – Ryan

First Steps in Wholesaling Real Estate

Michael's first wholesale deal netted him $5,000, a significant motivator that proved the viability of this real estate strategy. Starting at the young age of 22, Michael faced skepticism due to his youth but quickly overcame these doubts by closing a deal within two weeks.

The Journey Back to Wholesaling

Despite exploring various businesses, Michael's passion for wholesaling brought him back. He highlights the accessibility of real estate wholesaling, which requires minimal upfront investment and offers substantial returns. His initial success with a direct mail campaign targeted at absentee owners underscores the importance of strategic marketing in wholesaling.

The Challenges and Lessons Learned

Michael's journey wasn't without challenges. He experimented with e-commerce, trucking, and solar ventures but learned valuable lessons along the way. One significant takeaway was the importance of focus and perseverance.

"If you make a decision to do something, stay focused on that business." – Michael

Building a Scalable Business

Michael emphasizes the need for scalability in any business. Initially a one-man show, he advises against trying to do everything alone. Building a team can streamline operations and enhance efficiency, turning a high-paying job into a scalable business model.

Wholesaling: A Low-Overhead Model

Real estate wholesaling stands out for its low overhead and potential for high returns. Unlike other ventures requiring extensive infrastructure and large teams, wholesaling can be managed efficiently with a small, dedicated team.

The Compound Effect

Persistence pays off in the long run. Michael stresses the importance of sticking with real estate and pushing through initial challenges. Consistency leads to the compound effect, resulting in significant long-term gains.

Comparing Other Ventures

Michael's experiences with trucking and solar businesses highlight the complexities and challenges of managing large teams and high overheads. In contrast, real estate wholesaling offers simplicity and profitability with fewer headaches.

"Wholesaling is a simple business model – it's essentially marketing and sales with real estate as the product." – Michael


Michael believes in the superiority of real estate as an investment. He advocates for leveraging wholesaling to generate cash flow, which can then be reinvested into acquiring properties. This strategy not only builds wealth but also provides long-term financial stability through appreciation and rental income.

Maintaining a Balanced Life

Investment and business growth should not come at the expense of personal life. Michael and co-host Ryan discussed the importance of balancing work and enjoyment. Investing in experiences and quality of life is crucial for sustained happiness and fulfillment.


Real estate wholesaling offers a lucrative and manageable business model, especially for those seeking to transition from traditional employment to financial independence. The key takeaways from Michael's journey include the importance of focus, scalability, low overhead, and long-term investment in real estate. For those looking to break free from the 9-to-5 grind, wholesaling presents a compelling opportunity worth exploring.

"Generate cash, put it into real estate – that's my plan." – Michael

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