How To Ensure Your Drivers Are Ready To Find Deals

How To Ensure Your Drivers Are Ready To Find Deals

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For wholesalers who are looking to scale, hiring drivers who can hit the ground running is crucial. With the average cost-per-hire hovering around $4,000, most wholesalers can’t afford to bring on new people who can’t carry their weight or who decide to quit after a few weeks.

There is one solid way to make the most of your time and money, though: Have your hires jump through a few hoops before you put them to work. It might sound harsh, but making the hiring and training process just a little bit more difficult can be a really effective way to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ve seen firsthand how something as simple as adding a call to action to a job posting can cut the number of applicants from 200 to 30.

By requiring new hire candidates to put the qualities you want into action, you’ll do more than cut down the time you spend on anyone who isn’t serious — you’ll also get a better idea of what it will be like to work together. 

Create a process that makes clear from the start your expectations about what you need from drivers and what you’ll give them in return. Otherwise, you could find yourself wasting months of time and money on a bad fit.

How to Make Sure You Have the Right Drivers

Start doing these five things to ensure you find the best drivers for your business:

1. Make it clear how they’ll get paid.

Will you pay drivers up front? Are you paying by the house or by the hour? You can use a number of pay structures, but we recommend three specifically. Let your drivers know what to expect ahead of time so they can determine whether it’s the right fit for them.

2. Emphasize the importance of high-quality photos.

I met someone once who spent $5,000 in three months on drivers who were finding a ton of properties that should have turned into great investments. Unfortunately, they were providing such low-quality photos that none of their finds translated into actual deals. Even if your drivers are finding the right investment opportunities, they won’t be successful without pictures that are good-quality, unobstructed, and rotated the right way. Virtual D4D Checklist Image

3. Make sure they understand the types of properties to look for.

Not every deal is obvious. Make sure your drivers know what to look for, especially with off-market real estate deals. Help your drivers understand the level of distress you want them to look for and document in your house flipping software. Are you wanting vacant houses with the mailbox spilling over and the front door covered in notices? Or are you looking for properties in a more general state of disrepair, with broken windows or sideways shutters? What sort of necessary updates are you willing to put up with? These are all details that your drivers should know from the get-go if you expect them to deliver results.


4. Show them how to track routes.

Make sure there’s a system in place for your driving for dollars team to easily and accurately track the routes they take. Not only will this make them more efficient, but it’ll also make it easier to track the deals they make on those routes so that they can get paid properly. For a long time, keeping track of driver routes was a headache. Thankfully, apps like DealMachine offer an easy, centralized solution for tracking and organizing them.

5. Give them an app and show them how to use it.

While we pride ourselves on making DealMachine not only useful but intuitive, it’s still important that you make sure your drivers feel comfortable using whatever apps you deem necessary for the job. Provide them with easy instructions and make sure they know what they’re doing before sending them out into the field.

If you’re serious about making the most of your time and money, it’s crucial that you and your drivers be on the same page as early as possible. Onboarding might seem daunting, but that’s why we created the DealFinder training portal. Using our portal, the most time-consuming elements of the new hire process get taken off your hands.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial today to take advantage of everything DealMachine has to offer.

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