How to Find Buyers for Your Wholesale Real Estate Deals: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Find Buyers for Your Wholesale Real Estate Deals: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you a would-be real estate wholesale investor worrying about where to find buyers for your deals? Worry no more! Our CEO David began investing back in 2018 and we will walk you through nine foolproof ways to connect with cash buyers and make that lucrative deal possible.

My Wholesaling Journey and Why It Matters

Back in 2018, David's real estate story began in the Brookside neighborhood of Indianapolis with a two-bedroom house he wasn't quite sure how to price. Long story short – a swift Google search and a couple of emails later, he clinched his first buyer. It was simpler than he imagined!

“The best way to find a buyer is to advertise an absolutely smoking deal.” – This simple yet powerful realization guides my approach to real estate wholesaling.

Nine Places to Find Cash Buyers

Let’s dive into the locations where these elusive buyers lurk:

1. The Foreclosure Auction

Foreclosure auctions are hot spots for qualified buyers. When David attended one in Texas, the participants with bidder numbers had already shown serious buying intent by bringing cashier's checks. It's a venue rife with investor potential – from wealthy individuals to savvy partners like the young hustler, Elvis, whom he met there.

To replicate:

  • Find your local county's auction time.
  • Show up and mingle to identify serious buyers.

2. Facebook Groups

A goldmine for investor contacts, he found a group with 15,000 members for his market in Indianapolis. Scouring the posts for buyers was as easy as scrolling through past deals and noting the email addresses.

Search Method:

  • Type your city + "real estate investors" on Facebook.
  • Join groups and interact to gather contacts.

3. Google 'Sell My House Fast'

SimpleWholesaling all started with saying “Let’s Google it.” Contacting the top search firms can lead you to experienced buyers fast – just like David did with his first deal.

4. Real Estate Meetup

Networking is key in real estate. Pay attention to who responds to deal pitches at meetups, a telltale sign they're your target cash buyers.

5. Deal Machine's Cash Buyers Filter

DealMachine isn't just a cool name – it's an effective tool. The cash buyers filter allows for a granular search. With options to export filtered contact lists straight into email platforms like ActiveCampaign, reaching out to potential buyers is as sleek as a well-oiled machine.

Sample Cash Buyers Email Script:

Hi [Name],

I’m a fellow local property owner in [City]. Currently, I’ve got more deals than I can handle alone. Here are my buying criteria [insert criteria]. Does this match yours?


[Your Name]

PS: Found you through Deal Machine for properties bought in [Year].

6. The Online Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even the MLS through a process known as novation are all platforms where you can feature your deals and attract buyers.

7. InvestorLift

This platform is a consolidation of buyers from the country's biggest wholesalers. A subscription may be pricey, but it can fast-track your buyer hunting significantly.

8. Hedge Fund Buyers

Yes, hedge funds buy real estate, which can be voracious. David has identified several funds like SFR3, Conrex, and Wedgwood – corporations that can handle batch purchases and are constantly in the market for good deals.

To connect with hedge funds:

  • Research online to find which ones are active in your area.
  • Report your deals consistent with their buying criteria.

9. Local Wholesalers’ Email List

Subscribe, wait, and monitor who closes the deals the wholesalers advertise. This sneaky but smart strategy gives you access to active buyers.

The Big Reminder and a Useful Hack

Soon-to-be wholesalers, here's your big takeaway: don't get too hung up on finding a buyer before you have a deal to offer. An attractive deal will pull in buyers like a magnet.

And for the hack – canvass your area, build your list, and engage via a powerful initial email similar to David's. Personal connection and relevant offering are your best bets to getting a positive response.

Onward to Your Next Steps!

If this blog has sparked your interest or eased your concerns, remember – knowledge is power, but action makes your dreams a reality. For more of David's personal insights and comprehensive frameworks on how you can escape the daily grind and step into the freedom of wholesaling, don't forget to check out the DealMachine Real Estate Podcast.

Thank you for reading, and until the next post, keep closing those deals!

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