How to Overcome Fear and Start Investing in Real Estate

How to Overcome Fear and Start Investing in Real Estate

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In today's blog post, we will be diving deep into the story of Khang Lee, a real estate investor who went from living in a mud hut to making $300,000 per month. Khang has become a highly successful investor, with 3 million followers on TikTok and a strong presence in the real estate community. We will explore his journey, the obstacles he faced, and the lessons he learned along the way.

From Humble Beginnings to Dream Car

Khang Lee was born and raised in Vietnam, where he grew up in a mud hut and faced extreme poverty. He shared that his family struggled to find enough food, often catching frogs for dinner. At the age of nine, his family immigrated to America, giving him the opportunity to pursue the American dream of success and financial freedom.

Khang acknowledges the equal opportunities available to everyone in America, but also emphasizes that many people squander these opportunities due to laziness and a lack of drive. He contrasts the mindset of immigrants who risk their lives to come to America in pursuit of freedom, with those who take their privileges for granted and make constant excuses.

Taking Risks and Chasing Dreams

Khang dropped out of high school at 17 in pursuit of wealth, rather than a degree. This decision upset his Asian parents, who had higher expectations for him. However, Khang had a different vision for his life and was determined to create a future on his own terms.

At 18, Khang met his wife, and together they moved into a small shed behind a mobile home park. Despite their challenging circumstances, they persevered and stayed committed to their dreams. Khang entered the real estate industry at 27, but faced initial challenges that almost led to bankruptcy.

The Power of Mentorship

Khang realized that he needed guidance and support to succeed in the real estate industry. Real estate investing can be quite a challenge. So, he sought out to find a mentor who could provide him with hands-on training and help him overcome the obstacles he was facing. With his mentor's guidance, Khang closed his first deal as a fix-and-flipper, making a net profit of $50,000.

Transitioning to Wholesaling

After several years in the house-flipping business, Khang realized that he was taking on too much risk and facing significant financial strain. He discovered wholesaling real estate, a strategy that allowed him to enter into contracts without having to purchase or renovate properties. Khang decided to shut down his fix and flip operation and focus exclusively on wholesaling.

Wholesaling involves signing purchase agreements with sellers and then finding buyers to assign those agreements to. Khang found great success in wholesaling and now runs a team of seven virtual assistants to handle his wholesaling operations. Despite not making as much money as some of his peers, Khang is content with his six-figure monthly income and enjoys spending his time creating content and giving back to the real estate community.

The Importance of Persistence and Sacrifice

Throughout his journey, Khang emphasizes the importance of persistence, sacrifice, and discipline. He acknowledges that success requires hard work and a willingness to do the things that others won't. Khang highlights the value of delayed gratification and reinvesting profits early on to build a strong foundation for long-term wealth.

The Role of Mindset in Achieving Success

Khang believes that a winning mindset is crucial to achieving success. He encourages individuals to adopt an optimistic and driven mindset, focusing on their goals and dreams rather than making excuses. Khang emphasizes the importance of being hungry and unsatisfied, as these qualities drive individuals to push themselves to achieve greatness.

Rewards and Future Goals

Despite his financial success, Khang has not indulged in extravagant purchases or a lavish lifestyle. He shared that his focus is on creating content, giving back, and helping his wife achieve her dreams. Khang is motivated by the ability to create value through his work and is currently working towards the goal of generating $100,000 per day in net income.

The Importance of Networking and Building Relationships

Throughout his journey, Khang recognized the value of networking and building relationships within the real estate community. Attending local meetups and joining mastermind groups allowed him to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights into the industry. Khang encourages aspiring investors to surround themselves with motivated and successful individuals who can inspire and support them on their journey.


Khang Lee's story is an inspiring example of someone who overcame adversity and achieved remarkable success in the real estate industry. From his humble beginnings in a mud hut to becoming a highly successful investor, Khang exemplifies the power of persistence, sacrifice, and a winning mindset.

To overcome fear and start investing in real estate, individuals must be willing to take risks, seek out mentorship, and adopt a mindset of continuous growth and improvement. By embracing these principles, aspiring investors can overcome their fears, achieve their financial goals, and create a life of abundance and freedom.

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